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  By: zac08

Back from where we left off earlier... Noelle was still conked out in the room (I checked before I came down) and I just exited the toilet with Tammy and Trisha still inside (either they were cleaning up or they were continuing from where I left them)

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Walking back downstairs again, I was enjoying the music and just grabbed another Chivas mixed with coke for a slow sipping.

Damn, all these classmates never looked so hot in class! Must be all these hot party wear, I love parties...

John and Harry were over at the bar counter (which they set up using a table and some chairs) and was trying to ensnare any girls which came by to them. Some had already dissapeared somewhere...

Susie was there on the couch, finishing her cup of vodka. I sat down beside her and made small talk on what she wanted to do next in her life. She proceeded to tell me about her ideas on trying out in the modelling industry or mebbe even the movie line. (well, she does have the bod for that) I volunteered to get her more drinks and I plied more and more drinks on her until she was totally drunk and almost limp in my arms. Supporting her, I brought her up to the rooms (hey, score another just like Noelle)

This time, I took her to the room beside the last one, I didn't want the 2 of them waking up together the next day.

She was all togged up like a hot star, a beautiful purplish blue gown which was halter-necked and it flowed down all the way to her knees. Her straight long hair was shoulder length and black, a small thin belt completed her outfit.

Recalling that I did not capture any pics or movie clips of Noelle, I thought that this time around, I should document this just for a personal record. Time to take out the phone...

'click' one of her fully dressed.

Untying the knot on her halter and pulling the dress down to expose her breasts, 34 C at least.


Tugging the dress off totally and leaving her curvaceous body clad only in her blue silky underwear adorned with laces.


Pulling her panties down, I was shown a nice triangle patch, trimmed very short just above her clitoris hood. All the other areas were bare and her thick pussy lips were bulging outwards.


Moving down closer to her pussy, I spread her labia apart and inspected her right up her canal. Well, looks like I dun have to worry about any hymenal blood this time.


Changing the camera to video mode, I proceeded to stroke her pussy along her thick lips with my right hand. Slowly but surely, I got it wet. And as soon as I got it wet, I stopped the camera for a while as I stripped off my clothes quickly.

I placed a pillow under her back and spread her legs as I got between her thighs. Activating the camera again, I stroked my dick against her pussy and the combination of my pre-cum and her lubrication allowed my dick to slip in easily. I slid in slowly and fucked her a few times with my camera pointed straight down at the coupling act. Then I aimed the camera from the rear and did a few strokes as well. Moving the camera slowly, I aimed it to capture her body right up to her face.

Then I placed the camera right at the side where it couldn't capture my face and I proceeded to pound her deeply. I lifted up her legs and placed them over my shoulder and I carried on pushing in deeper and deeper. In this position, I was able to reach her cervix easily and she reacted in her drunken stupor to grab me tightly.

"Daniel, pound me hard. Give it to me, YES!! Fuck me.."

Who was Daniel? We didn't have any Daniel in class. What the heck, I'll give it to her. Fucking her hard and deeply, I managed to get her to cum (even in her drunken state) and I came gushing right inside her.

Better clean her up too. After I dressed her up, I left her there sleeping satisfied in the room.

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