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  By: Fk24get

== Based on true, factual experience ==

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During college time, we used to rent cribs with many rooms and share them among friends. As rental was normally high near college areas, we had to have ard 10 ppl staying in a crib. Great thing about this was we had guys and girls staying together in the same place.

Celeste was this hot chick that shared one of the rooms with her friend at the place i stayed. From the moment i saw, i knew i had fallen for her. Her skin was fair, she had medium length black hair which nearly brushed off her shoulder andhad a really fair complexion with rosy cheeks. She was about 5ft 5inc with long sexy legs. I made her to be about 32B-24-32.

Celeste was this innocent girl who dressed with normal t-shirt and jeans, the average girl-next-door dress-up - No skimpy outfits or slutty dresses. At home, she would wear these extremely short shorts which would only be a third of the length of her thigh...some were tight which made her butt cheeks round and full, some were ultra looooose (for comfort i guess). On several occasions i caught glimpses of her but cheeks as she was walking upstairs. Her top at home would be those worn down t-shirts which definitely seem a size a 2 smaller for her. You would definitely be able to see her her bra through her tops. I would visualize what her boobs looked like and how great it would be to actually look at them straight in the eye.

I had tried every chance i had to get close to her. Normally, chicks of her looks would not even consider guys like me within their radar. But hey, we were "staying together" and i just had to try my luck. We started off as friends with the occasional chat here and there within classes and at night. As time went on, our relationship blossomed and we started talking through the night about more personal stuff like past relationships (non-sexual), family, etc....

I finally managed to hook up with her. I felt i was in heaven. We had been going out for a few times, held hands, kissed.... but nothing more than that. It was time for me to make my move. Lucky for me, the semester break was near. Many of our house mates had return home and the house was rather empty. Both me and Celeste including 3 other house mates stayed back for the break. None of my room mates were there. One night, i asked her if she would like to bunk with me. There was no one in my room, and i thought it would be nice to have a privacy of 4 walls to chat (although i had enough of chatting....). She agreed!!

That night we had some take home while watching a movie. She was wearing her normal worn down top with a flower-designed loose shorts. After the movie, we went into my room holding hands, shut the lights and lay down together on my bed. We talked for a while, i held her in my arms with her back facing me. Her butt cheeks were pressed up against my crotch. I could feel my dick hardening, but i tried to control it. I started moving my fingers up and down at the back of her arm trying to arouse her. I could see she was enjoying it as her eyes were close while she held my other hand. I started kissing her neck and ears as my hands explored her waist and belly. By this time i was really hard, i couldn't resist it anymore. I just wanted to rip open her top, grope her breasts and fuck her as hard as i could. I pulled her on top of me and kissed her on her lips. She slowly opened her lips and let my tongue enter her mouth.

We French kissed for a while and i made my move. I tried to lift of her top while she was on top of me. Suddenly, her hand moved to stop me. She said in a weak suppressed voice "Stop... i can't.... i'm ... i'm .... i'm ..... having my period today" WHAT THE FUCK!!!! i couldn't believe it. She opened her eyes and could see the look of disbelieve in me. Immediately, she held my hand and placed it between her legs. DAMMIT!! She wasn't lying, i could feel the tampon between her legs. "Not today ok?" she said with a seductive look in her eyes which i swear were saying, "Wait ok? I'll make it worth it". I reluctantly agreed. I was ready to fuck her there and then, but i guess it wouldn't be that pleasurable if she wasn't enjoying it. We kissed each other and spent the night in each other's arms.

A week after that, we agreed to go shopping on the weekend as we were both not working. It was a Saturday and only both of us were at home. She dressed up in a tight Grey pencil skirt with a matching button-on blouse. Damn she looked sexy! It was the first time i saw her dressed the way she did. After shopping and having dinner, we took the bus home, she had her head on my shoulder while my hand was on her lap. She kissed me gently on the cheek and whispered "I can't wait to get home". Man! Those words almost ran the entire blood in my system straight to my dick. I immediately reached full erection and i felt that my dick would just burst through my Levi's. "Hurry up you fucking driver.... !!!"

We reached the bus stop in front of our house and walked back home. I felt like running but Celeste was walking slowly. She grabbed my hand, put in on her waist and slowly slid it to one of her butt cheeks. I could the softness of her butt through her skirt. She suddenly, moved my hand in between both her butt cheeks and teasingly said to me "No tampon, no period" and immediately letting go of my hand. God, how long can this walk take...i'm going to explode....

As we reached home, none of our house mates were in. Guessed they were all out partying. She went to her room placing her hand bag and shopping bags on her table. I went to my room and switched on the air-con. Damn it was hot. I was burning inside out. Celeste walked into my room in the same dress she wore earlier, this time with one button undone revealing her cleavage. As she walked in, she locked my room door behind her. Both of us were standing there, our eyes fixed on each other and passion filling up the room. I walked up to her, running my fingers through her hair and gave her the most passionate kiss in my life. We kissed each other - on the lips, cheeks and neck. Our hand exploring each other's body.

Suddenly, we paused, looking in each other's eyes. She said "I've been waiting for this moment my entire life... this is my first time!" WHAT????!! She was a virgin?? i couldn't believe it. A hot looking girl like her, never been fucked before? I moved to her slowly running my hand down her shoulder and started to unbutton her dress... "Baby, you don't know how long i have been wanting to do this". As i undid the last button, i slowly removed her blouse to get a full view of her undressed. She stood there in the middle of the room with the most sexiest maroon bra with her hands on her hips "You like what u are seeing?" You have no idea girl.... I held her in my arms, kissed her and couping one of her 32B breast in my hand. They felt firm and untouched yet so tender. I started to unzip her dress, and slowly slid her dress down as she stepped out of it. she was wearing a silky, shinning pearl panty. She removed my t-shirt, threw it on the floor as she fell on top of me on my bed.

I immediately sat up at the edge of my bed with her sitting on my lap and legs around my waist. My erection was full. I think i was never this hard before. I moved my hand to her back touching her soft silky skin and slowly undid her bra. She quickly pressed the front of her bra against her, each hand seductively cupping each breast. I slowly removed her hands and let her bra fall off. What a sight! I saw a pair of the most beautiful boobs i have seen in my life. Her nipples were light pinkish in color and were a quarter of an inch long. They were as erect as my dick was. I cupped both breasts with my hands, playing with them and slowly sucked one of them. The moment my tongue touched one of her sensitive pink nipples, she let out a moan that made me feel i was going to cum. I alternatively sucked each of her breasts while my eyes explored her naked body for the first time.

I laid her back on my bed with me sitting above her. Looking down at her gorgeous body for a few seconds. Her hand slowly moved up my jeans as she teased around with my erection. I noticed the last piece of clothing she had on was her pearly panties. I ran my hand down her belly, slightly tickling and teasing her while feeling the soft materials in my fingers. She looked damn sexy twitching and twirling, feeling the effects of my arousal. I slid 2 of my fingers between her legs, slowly moving upward towards her clit. My goodness, her panties were soaking wet!!! As i played with her clit through her silky panties, she started to moan louder and louder until she came in full ecstasy.

Breathing heavily, she said "Did i pee? That felt wonderful". "No baby, you just came, really came!" i said. "Please remove my panties, their too wet..pleaseeee" Celeste pleaded as she lifted her butt. I removed her panties to expose her final part of her naked body. She had long and thin brown pubic hair which was such a turn on... not the normal black bush or shaved pussy. Her vagina lips were as rosy as her cheeks and as pink as her nipples. They really looked unfucked. I moved one finger to her vagina opening. i played with the lips and the the entry to her vagina to slighty open them for the first time. It felt so warm and wet. I tried to move my finger in her passage. As i did, she stopped me "No baby... i want your dick to be the first... please..."

Before i could even reply, she removed my jeans and underwear to reveal my fully erected dick. I could feel a little cum at the tip of my dick. "Oh my... is that how a dick looks like?" Celeste said as she held my dick in her hands. She rubbed one of her fingers on the tip of my dick "You're wet too... " she said as she licked her finger. "Nice.... ". "You want to taste the whole sausage?" i asked. "No... not now, later". As she finished her sentence she guided my dick to her passage. "Go in baby... go in.... i want you in me". I tried to enter her. As my tip entered her, she screamed. I could understand why. She was so tight that i could even enter her properly and entirely. Damn... she really is a virgin. Let me try and reach that hymen.

"Baby, i'm going in now... its going to hurt, but i will try to be as gentle as possible." i said panting. I pushed my dick in her. I could feel her juices acting as a lubricant, covering each part of my dick as i entered her. She nearly cried out of pain as my dick broke her hymen and entered her fully. I could a little bit of blood flowing out of her pussy. "You ok?"... "Yeah... don't stop!!" I continued to fuck her missionary style. I could feel her flexing her muscles to squeeze my penis. Damn this girl must have done her homework. Within 10 min i was ready to explode, i removed my dick from her pussy and exploded my load on her.

I laid beside her. Both of us tired from the experience. Both still panting and breathing heavily. "How was I baby? Worth the wait?" ..."Yeah.. you sure were". I suggested that we call it a night. She then suggested that we take baths first. "You rest first ok? Let me bathe first, i'm wet and you made me stickier". After she finished her bath, she woke me from my short nap and asked me to take my bath. I couldn't stop fantasizing about her. After finishing my bath and drying myself i walked towards my bed. Celeste was lying in bed with the covers on up to her shoulders. Seeing me, she seductively raised her hand with one finger, instructing me to come over. What's going to happen now? As i reached the edge of my bed, she sat up, letting the covers drop revealing her naked body to me. Damn.. i was feeling a hard on coming along.

As she sat at the edge of my bed, her hands moving down my chest, she said "Baby, i'm hungry now. I want that sausage now" As she said played with my dick as she placed my dick in her mouth. I could feel the warmth of her mouth. Her lips felt so soft on my dick as they felt on my lips. As she moved my shaft in and out of her mouth, her hands slowly massaged by balls making them hot and waiting to explode. "Baby, i', cumming... i'm cumming" i said trying to remove my dick from her mouth. She didn't say anything, but refuse me to remove my dick as she held on tight to my ass. I couldn't stand it anymore and released my load in her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed the entire lot. "That's a lot! ... i'm full now and ready to play... come on baby" Celeste said as she laid on my bed.

That night i ate her pussy and fucked her in multiple positions. She sucked my dick numerous times and titty fucked me. We made love 6 times that night. It was the best night of my life. The most memorable experience as we both lost our virginity. I guess what people say is true... the first time is the best.

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Great story!

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