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  By: nazgohar

I have been a policeman for almost 20 years. On this particular morning I

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The Naughty Meter

had finished my night shift and had headed on home.
On arrival at home I have a set routine, a bowl of cereal and a quick
shower then bed, Our bedroom has blackout curtains fitted so that I can
sleep easily during the day, there is almost always another night shift to
come, and a good eight hours of sleep are essential. I had showered
leaving my uniform hanging up and put on my bath robe. I crept into our
bedroom, and made my way across the room, to my side of the bed. I could
just make out the shape of my wife, a small bump in the bed.

I slipped off my robe and crawled into bed, we have over the years
developed a sort of code my wife and I. A long night shift can make you
real horny, and I have found that a good hard fuck, can grant you a very
blissful sleep. My next move is always critical, if I wake my wife
abruptly she will tell me to fuck off and let her sleep. So the plan is
play with her, make her ready very, very slowly. As always I find it real
easy to manhandle her to my side, she is after all only 5’ 1” and I am 6’
6” and weigh almost 3 times her 8 stone.

I start by gently running my hands up and down her thighs, just a small
tickle really, just enough to let her subconscious know that someone is
giving her the faintest off massages, I know that she loves being touched
all over, it really turns her on. I spend a good 10 minutes just rubbing
her, stopping just short of her pussy. I am in no rush. I know when to go
further when she has a little stretch and spreads her legs. That is always
the sign that she wants more.

Today is different for some reason, she must be in a deeper sleep than
usual, or she is playing with me and wants more attention, now I love this
part as much as she does. As I say I am in no rush. Sometimes we can go on
for hours, with this gentle caress. After a good 20 minutes I get my sign,
just a small murmur, like a cat purring, escapes her lips. Followed by a
little wiggle and her legs parted, almost searching for my fingers.
Now there’s a first, as I slide my hand up to her pussy, I find that today
she is wearing a very small thong, she must have planned on me giving her
a good seeing too when she went to bed. Little minx. After 17 years of
marriage, she can still surprise me.

I gently rub, just over her clit with a finger, very slowly. The fabric
feels lovely to my hand, so silky and smooth. I trace my way down to her
labia, tracing the string, which has now slipped inside her. God she is
wet. I still don’t know if she is fully awake. But that does not matter,
many times we have played this game, without either of us saying a word.
It adds something to the game. It could be anyone. Let the imagination
have it’s fun too.

Another murmur escapes her lips. It’s time to take it to the next level. I
am a big man, not fat. I train everyday in the gym for hours at a time, my
muscles are well honed, but my hands and feet are particularly large. My
fingers are like fat sausages. I insert one, moving the string away, and
slowly insert a finger. Just pushing it in very slowly, in and out. in and
out, she is wet my fat old finger is sliding in slow easily.

Sometimes at this point she will give the game away and say Steve “get
that prick inside me baby, I really need it”. But today nothing, she has
started to push herself onto my fingers, searching for more. I push 2
fingers inside her, and she moans a little.

She turns a little onto her side, with her bum towards me. Her right leg
has lifted giving me greater access to her pussy. Now I can really play.
With 2 fingers inside her, I can start to trace my thumb along the crack
of her arse. Her juices are flowing, and my thumb slips gently into her
arse. She starts to rock backwards and forwards. My thumb is lodged in her
arse and my fingers are filling her up. I continue this movement until I
feel her orgasm, her body shakes, and the juices just flow freely all over
my hand.

I have to do this as my prick is in proportion with the rest of my body,
and experience has proven that shoving nine inches of rock hard meat
inside her without bringing her to orgasm first will result in tears. I
remove my hand and pull her towards me. I position myself at her entrance
and slowly push in. She is incredibly tight, but with all the juices she
has released, I slip into my balls. I start slow but hard. She loves being
filled. She loves it when you hit her cervix; at that point she is
stretched to the limit. It only takes a few more thrusts before she starts
to scream, as the second orgasm rips through her body.

I cannot for the life of me remember her coming to orgasm again so quickly after only a few
thrusts. It normally takes her quite sometime before she hits the second.
She must have been dreaming sexy dreams, to come so quickly.
One of her more sensitive area is her tits. I always leave it to last
before I start on her tits, they are super sensitive. I pull her tight to
me and hold both breasts, running my finger over her nipples. They feel
very, very full. She is a 34C, but today they feel so big. My mind starts
to wander.

She is frantic in my grasp and it’s not long before she is coming, hard
like a train and is making the most incredible noises. I have never heard
noises from her like this before.

At this point she says the words that are going to shake my world.
“Don’t stop Dad this feels wonderful”

I have no breaks to put on. I know without a doubt that I am moments away
from spewing my seed deep into the belly of one of my daughters. I am in
shock, but a delightful shock. The signs were there, panties on in bed,
breasts much larger than normal. Sounds that I had never heard before. I
now knew it was Sandra, or Sandie as we call her, she has the largest
breasts in the family. I think I heard my wife say that she had grown into
a 32E.

I new it was so wrong, but at that point my cock got even harder and had a
mind of its own. All it wanted to do was pound that pussy and spew his
load. I increased my pace. One part of me wanted to stop, but the greater
part of me was bucking so hard I blew my load, and what a load jism just
can out, heavy ropes of come, shot after shot after shot.

Sandie was bucking and screaming at the same time, hell I thought she is
going to wake the whole house. She was coming like a train, flooding
herself, me and the bed. We were both spent.

I could not move, but I knew that I had to; I started to reach for the
bedside lamp. But Sandie said
“Don’t switch it on Dad, let’s just lay here in the dark”
I was now starting to panic inside, the police take this very seriously.
And for one there own to be caught screwing his own daughter, they will
lock you away and throw away the key.

I said “Honey I am so sorry, I thought that you were your Mother, I still
don’t know what happened”
“Dad, Mum got called into work early this morning, someone has called in
sick and there was no one to cover”
“That does not explain what you are doing in our bed”
“I am sorry Dad I went out with some mates last night and had more to
drink than I am used too. Mum said that it would be better if I slept with
her in case I felt sick during the night”
“I am so sorry baby; I don’t know what you must think of me. I never
intended for your first time to be anything like that”
“Don’t worry about my first time Dad, I have been sexually active for over
a year and that was not my first time.”

I was slipping deeper into shock, I did not know what to do or think, I
only knew that my cock was still rock hard, and buried deep into my 15
year old daughter. My hand was still holding her breast and boy were they
firm, her nipples were like bullets. I found myself still circling her
nipples. What was I to do now?

“Daddy I know that you are still hard, can we please do it again, but this
time I want to suck your cock, it feels so huge. I just want to touch it,
see it and suck on it for a while”.

So far today was full of surprises. I found out that my little girl was
sexually active; she had the sexual drive that I have come to love in her
Mother, and instead of feeling shame at what I had done. I was starting to
feel that this could be the start of something fantastic as long as no one
found out.

“Baby what we did was wrong, but as long as you feel comfortable I can see
no reason why we can’t do it again”.

“ Oh Daddy, do you know that I have always fantasised about you fucking me
like this, I would lay awake at night and hear you and Mum, have these
wonderful nights of sex, you always went on for ages, not like me and the
teenage boys that I have been with. Over in a few moments. I always wanted
to know what a multiple orgasm felt like and now I know. And Daddy I want
to know again real fast”.

I took this as my cue to gently start rocking my hips. My cock was like
iron, unbending and as hard as if I was a teenage boy again. Sandie was
also rocking and before long I could feel the unmistakable sign that she
was going to orgasm again. This time she really did scream, heavy panting
and the most beautiful sounds to a father. Giving your daughter the most
wonderful pleasure. She came down hard this was to be the start of a very
long morning.

“Dad don’t come just yet please, I want to taste your come on my face and
in my mouth”

Lifting herself off me she spun around, and the next sensation I felt was
her lips engulfing my cock. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.
“Dad, can you switch on the light, can you reach?”.

I felt my way for the lamp, and was greeted with the sight of my 15 year
old on her knees, sucking the head of my cock into her mouth; she could
feed only about 3 inches into her mouth, before she was at full stretch.
With practice I was thinking she could be as good as her mother, and get
the whole thing to the back of her throat, but that would not be today. I
thought that she has never looked so beautiful. I felt my balls tighten
and new I was about to spray what come I had left into her mouth and face.
She was sucking and licking her way down to my balls when I erupted. She
gave off a little squeal and lapped it up, not swallowing at this point
but just playing. I had spewed quite a load onto her face, and she was
pushing it into her mouth. Finally she had collected every last drop, she
opened her mouth to show me and then swallowed it, with an exaggerated

“You bitch Sandie, how could you do that to Dad”
My head shot around towards the sound, and there standing in the doorway
was my eldest daughter Melanie. She was wearing one of my old t-shirts,
with her arms crossed over her breasts. A look of thunder on her face.
I was sitting with my back resting on the pillows, my legs spread out, my
daughter between my legs, wearing nothing but a thong and a huge smile. I
was caught like a rabbit in head lights. What do I do now?

“I started to stammer Mel it’s not what it looks like, I thought Sandie
was your mother”
“Don’t worry about her Dad she is only jealous, she has never had a man in
her life and is only jealous that I have had your wonderful cock”
Mel had started to walk into the room, she was staring at my cock, which
was well deflated now, but was still a good size. Sandie was holding it in
her right hand as if reluctant to let it go.

“Dad, can I touch it” Mel said
Were the first words out of her mouth.
“Sure honey, feel free”

Mixed emotions were fighting inside my head. Now I had both my 15 and 16
year old daughters on my bed looking at my cock. I did not know how to get
out of this, and part of me was running riot with ideas. Was Mel really a
virgin, had she never touched a cock before? 

She was the studious one of the girls. Takes after her Mother, always with
her head in a book and too serious to take chances and have fun. She was
tall like me, at 5’ 9” a slim figure, like all my girls with a nice I
thought 32C. Blond hair that ran to her shoulders, her best feature was
her huge eyes. What was I thinking, she was my baby now as much as she
always was? Those eyes were now directed at my cock, and she was stroking
it, the head was all purple and after coming twice, was trying hard to get
erect again, but would need more time.

“Daddy, is it always so big?”
Before I could answer Sandie said
“Mel ,Dad is limp at the moment, you should see him when he is erect, He
is truly awesome”

I felt such pride at hearing those words, I had tears in my eyes.
My wife and I had met at police training college, loved each other at
almost first sight. Married and had never looked at any one else since. We
were both virgins and we had been faithful to each other since. Now here I
was. Having just fucked my youngest daughter and my eldest daughter was
trying to stroke life back into my flaccid cock. I did not have a clue as
what to do next. I thought the best thing to do was go with the flow, as
people say.

“Dad, can I show Mel how wonderful it feels putting that big fat cock into
your mouth” Sandie said.

“I think that Mel can decide what she wants to do when she feels ready”
With that Mel just lay forward and tried to put as much cock into her
mouth in one go, she was coughing and spitting in seconds.

“No stupid” said Sandie “like this” She got back onto her knees, took my
cock from her sister and gently started sucking on my helmet. She looked
up with a beaming smile at me and her sister and said “that’s the way to
do it”

Mel had a try and after only a few minutes got about 5 inches into her
mouth, she was salivating so much it was running down my shaft, her hand
was gripping the base in a death grip and I was starting to get hard
again. At my age I was thinking. I should not be getting a hard on again
so soon, but the circumstances had gotten me into a very high state of
arousal. The knowledge of the unknown and anticipation had my mind working
on over time.

Sandie had pushed her tiny thong to the side and was running her hand
along her slit and every two or three strokes would slip a finger inside
herself, I could see the combination of my come and her juices, she was
leaking all over the bed, but the lubrication made it so easy for her to
play with herself.

Mel also had her hand busy playing with herself under the t-shirt. She was
bobbing up and down on my cock, and playing with herself at the same time.
“Mel would you feel more comfortable without the t-shirt” I said
“Yes Daddy, I think I would” She stopped for a moment and slipped the
t-shirt over her head.

I was looking at both my daughters now, both playing with themselves. I
was in heaven.

“Mel stop that a moment, lay back and just let me show you something that
I know you will love.” I reached across and ran my tongue over her slit
gentle for the first couple of times, but increased the pressure till my
tongue was making more and more contact with her clit. It did not take
long before she was screaming in orgasm, and spraying my face with her

“Daddy, that feels fantastic, don’t ever stop” she said
I was now rock hard again. Tracie seeing that I was hard again was trying
to get into a position that she could impale herself on my cock. It was
quite funny to see.

“Sandie, do you think that your sister may appreciate having my cock
inside her as well”

Mel suddenly realised that she could loose her virginity and you could see
that she was thinking things over, but the decision had already been made.
Like a snake her hand shot out and wrestled my cock away from her sister.

“Daddy, are you going to fuck me in the missionary position”
“No baby I will lay on my back and you can lower yourself down onto me,
that way you can take only as much as you are comfortable with, it will
hurt, so take your time.”

I moved onto my back. Mel was soon hovering over me, with her virgin pussy
just inches away, from my very erect cock. Sandie was holding my cock
ready to penetrate her sister and I felt great this is a family, team
effort. Mel lowered herself down slowly, and I was watching more and more
of me disappearing inside her, she was so tight, hot and wet at the same
time. I was expecting her to stop but when we came to her hymen she just
pushed on down, until I was buried to the hilt.

“Don’t worry Dad” she said “I broke my hymen long ago. With my favourite
hair brush handle “
I was able to lay back and really look at my girls, they had both totally
bald pussies, just like their Mum, I was thinking is that the sort of
thing Mum’s teach their girls, keep yourself clean shaven. Stupid things
were running through my head.

Mel was bouncing up and down on my cock, having a high old time, I felt
sure that she had come at least three times. Juices were running from her
and I was soaked in girl come. Sandie not to be left out was lowering
herself down onto my face. I thought does life get better than this. I was
running my tongue the length of her slit, and could taste the combination
of hers and my own come, she was writhing around like a girl on a pogo
stick. An image came into my head, of the Christmas when they both got a
pogo stick and I was rushing about trying to keep them both from falling
off. Now they were both bouncing up and down on me as their pogo stick.
Isn’t life fantastic?

“Dad” Sandie said “Can you please play with my bum I loved it when you did
it this morning”

I ran my tongue over her arse, making it all slick and wet. I used both
hands, spread her buttocks and fed her pussy both of my index fingers.
While slipping a finger into her arse, her response was instant; she
collapsed and came all over my face.

I was pumping seed into Mel, like a fire hydrant, where was it coming from
I should have nothing left, but spew out of me it did. Mel had slumped
over her sister and we were all breathing like we had run the London

Content, worried, exhausted all of these things, but pride was riding the
highest on my emotions.

“Girls. We cannot stay like this, I want each of you to get up and take a
shower, then come back after you have done.”

One hour later we were all laying in my freshly changed bed, we had a lot
to discuss, and I really had to get some sleep. Yet I knew that after all
that had happened how the hell was I ever going to sleep again.
This is my first story, having read many in the past. It is not as easy as
it looks.

There is a part 2 to this story, but I will wait to see what the raections
are like.

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