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  By: simcock74

it is saturday evening and i am meeting a friend for our weekly chinese chew and chat. She is a tall woman, about 6'3" and a bit heavy set, but a big ol' girl once in a while never hurts.



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She comes in, and sits in front of me. she sips her tea and chews on her ice cubes and smiles at me.


we have been friends for years and i have known her husband since grade school.
I am in a foul mood today. Work was miserable, home is not really worth going to, and frustrations always lead me to act irrational.


i am hoping tonight we can talk, i can calm down and things can be okay until tomorrow. I was wrong.


We eat and chew the fat (so to speak) and i pay far too much attention to her lips as she speaks.


After a couple bowls of soup, she excuses herself to the ladies' room and disappears in the back.


before i can think things through, I am walking into the ladies' restroom and waiting for her to exit her stall.


she comes out and gasps at me. before she can say a word, i push her back into the stall and shut the door. Being almost a foot shorter than her, I am eye level with her large, natural breasts as they heave with her breath.


i reach up to her neck and pull her face down to my own and whisper in her ear, "fuck."


there is a struggle, but i manage to turn her face to the wall and i pull her slacks down to her knees. I reach around her and pull her healthy ass against me and i work my fingers into her crotch, forcing her thighs apart enough to wiggle a pair of fingers into her tight pussy. i use the toilet to my advantage, as an obstacle to her stance, she is off balance and her arms are used to lean against the wall. i dig deep within her, curving my fingers and working her pussy till it drools like i am at the scent of her, the feeling of her ass against the bulge in my jeans.


i free one hand long enough to loosen my jeans, letting them fall, i slip my boxers down and my cock is thumping, as if lurching toward its meal. I walk into her and we are standing, straddling the toilet and still i am able to pin her to the wall. I penetrate and i pause. I want to feel her heat against my deprived meat.
her gentle cooing reminds me of where i am and I take slow, deep thrusts.


Time is not on my side; someone may come in on us soon. so I start pumping her pussy hard and fast, and she tries to stand on tip toe, using her height to rise above it, but my grip on her is tight and i hold her firmly onto my cock.
She doesn't want it. yet her involuntary orgasm accepts it.


the sensation of finally owning a married woman's ass hardens me and makes me slam her harder. i feel as though the harder i pound into her the more i bounce off her ass and risk slipping out. i can tell my pump is primed, so i slow down, just a little and as i know I am about to ejaculate, i lean into her hard as I can. She squeezes my cock when i come, i wince in pleasure and i feel my strength ebb.
i back away from her. she turns to me with shock in her eyes and a half smile.
next time, she'll come to me.

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