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  By: FrankBliss

I needed to get out of my apartment for a while, so I went to a local bar, called Joey\'s Place. I liked the atmosphere there right from the start. It wasn\'t too dark or too light, and it wasn\'t crowded either. I sat at the bar and got a Bud, and was watching the 6pm news on the tube. It was about an hour and about 3 Buds later, that I had to take a mean piss. I headed to the john, and went up to a urinal. Just then, some guy came in and walked up to the one just next to mine.

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I don\'t know why, but I glanced down at his cock as he started pissing, and I couldn\'t take my eyes off his cock! It was Big and So Hard, and he had to hold it down towards the urinal because it curved upwards naturally. He held it with the tips of his fingers, and was stroking it teasingly as he pissed. Then I realized he knew I was watching. I looked into his eyes and gave him an embarrassed smile. \"You like what you see?\" He asked. I smiled again, but didn\'t know how to answer. I did like it, but I just couldn\'t admit it. \"You\'re curious, right?\" \"Very!\" I said this time without hesitation, again looking down at his Hard cock, which was now pointing upwards, and which he was still stroking with his fingers. I was putting my cock back in it\'s enclosure, not wanting him to see I was now getting hard!

I\'ve been \"Curious\" for a year or so. I told him as he continued to stroke his big, hard cock. Let\'s go sit at a booth and chat. He said, putting his cock away. We did sit in a booth and the bartender brought us a couple of Buds. He told me his name was Hector, and that he\'s also been curious. \"Bi-Curious.\" Not to perform oral on another man, not just yet, but how it would feel to have a man do it to him. I couldn\'t believe it! I\'ve been thinking about nothing else for a year now, but never acting on it! I even watch gay videos and have to jerk off each time! I also got a small collection of realistic dildos and I practice oral on them, then go even further! I told him all this too, like I had just come out of the closet finally! I really couldn\'t take my eyes off your big cock! I told him. You like it? he asked. \"Yes!\" I said this time without hesitation! Then after a couple more Buds, I just came out and asked him... \"Do you want to get out of here? My place is just a block away.\" \"Yeah.\" He said, getting up and putting money down on the bar.

We walked out and started for my apartment. I don\'t believe I\'m doing this! I said as we walked. I\'ve been fantasizing about sucking Cock for so long! Gotta start sometime! Hector said. We got to my apartment and I had nervious jitters already, about what I was about to do. Want another beer? I asked and got a couple of bottles out of the fridge. Hector sat down on the recliner and I took a canvas chair. We talked a little more, just about nothing really. Then I had to take another piss. I went into the bathroom as I kept talking about nonsense, and when I came back into the room, Hector was sitting there with only his tee shirt on. He had taken off his shorts and jockies, and his cock was even bigger and harder than it was in the bar. Is this what you want? He said, stroking his cock again with his fingers, sitting back with his legs spread. \"Yes!\" I said, as I got down on my knees between his legs. I lowered my head without hesitation, and kissed the swollen head of his cock softly a couple of times. The hole at the tip was open, like he was about to shoot his load any minute. I then lowered my head and let his big, throbbing cock slide into my mouth.

Hector moaned as I put my hands on his hips and moved my head up and down, fulling enjoying the feel of his thick cock in my mouth! I cupped his hairy balls in my left hand then, and started jerking him off with my right as I sucked harder. I was moaning myself, without even realizing it at first. I pressed my tongue against his hard shaft and kept moving my head up and down, taking as much of Hector\'s cock into my mouth as I could. \"Oh Yeah, Suck it! Suck my Cock! Don\'t stop! Make me Cum! Make me Cum in your mouth!\" His words of encouragement made me suck harder and jerk him off faster! I caressed & squeezed his hairy balls and pressed my tongue harder on his warm shaft. I wasn\'t worried about him cumming in my mouth! I actually Wanted him to! It was my first time sucking a real cock, and I was Loving it!

I let his cock slip out and licked the shaft up and down. Do it, Hector, I said, shoot your load in my hot mouth! I then sucked it again as deep as I could, and then he groaned and his big cock exploded in my mouth, spurt after thick spurt of his cum shot up into my sucking mouth and right down my throat! He came so hard and so much that I couldn\'t swallow it all, and it leaked from my mouth all over his thick shaft! I kept sucking for another minute or so, then let it slip out reluctantly, again kissing the cum-coated head a few times softly.

Did you like it? I asked, teasingly, proud of my accomplishment, proud of my making him cum so hard and fast! Oh Yeah! That was Great! He said, standing up, stroking his still-hard cock. \"You want me to Fuck you now? I was shocked by his words, but without any reply, I pulled down my shorts and jockies, and eagerly bent over the recliner. Hector stood behind me and pressed the mushroomed head of his cock tight against my asshole. Then he put his hands on my hips and shoved it in slowly. His cock was fully coated with his own thick cum, so it slid in easily, making me moan with the pleasure of it inside me. Hector gave me the full 8 inches or so of his cock in one long, slow thrust, then bent down on top of me and hugged my waist, fucking me slowly, and breathing his hot breath on my neck.

I was Loving it, and I never wanted him to stop! As it was, having just cum, Hector fucked me faster and kept fucking me for about a full half hour to 45 minutes! His cock felt so fucking great in my ass! He kept fucking me and started jerking me off, and within seconds, I shot a huge load of cum onto the recliner! Then Hector groaned and I felt his cum spurting into my ass! This time, even more cum than he shot into my mouth! I felt every Spurt! He hugged my waist tightly and pressed his hips against my ass as his unloaded his balls inside me. I felt his cock throbbing as he came, and when he stopped cumming, he fucked me a couple of strokes more, not wanting to pull his big cock from my ass! Reluctantly though, he did!

Damn that was Great! He said, putting his jockies and shorts on again. I pulled mine up again and wanted to keep his cum in me as long as I could, though I felt it leaking out onto my thighs. I knew then, that this was the start of something Big, and I for one was Glad I went to that bar!

The End... For Now!

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Clarkee    (2012-01-22 14:07:52)    Flag as inappropiate
Really sexy! Made my cock hard :-)
jakebi96    (2008-02-10 00:46:59)    Flag as inappropiate
very hot
patsxuk    (2008-01-01 12:17:21)    Flag as inappropiate
very sexy fantisy - nice one :)
prawnstar    (2007-12-26 01:19:06)    Flag as inappropiate
/drool, very sexy

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