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  By: TheMachine

So here I am, sitting in a comfy chair watching the curtain in front of me being pulled to the side. And there she is, a perfectly beautiful girl in a teasing cowgirl costume caged in a glass box. Only with chaps, a thong, zipper vest, gloves, and hat she smiles back putting me in a trance.


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She begins her dance routine, showing off all her assets. She poses in all kinds of seductive manners, taking off her clothes one by one. She starts with the vest, unzipping it slowly to show off her cleavage and then turns around to show off her smooth round butt, pressing it on the glass.

Then she falls to the floor, removing her vest with her back to me and looks over her shoulder, working her hips in a cowgirl position, exaggerating a face of pleasure as she rocks her hips on an imaginary dick. She then turns around, but hides her breasts with her hat hanging off neck. She blows a kiss to the glass and licks it before bringing out a dildo to simulate oral sex with it. She plays with it lovingly as if it were real before slipping it between her breasts and legs.

And of course she takes pleasure in watching me, seeing the bulge rise in my pants and stroking it from the outside. And so she continues to simulate sex with herself, trying to see what gets the best reaction out of me. But before long the time is up and I rise from my seat and approach the wall as the curtains close.

I position myself on the wall where a circle shaped hole is set. I stick myself through and feel a nice soft glove caress me from the other side stroking me slowly from top to bottom. Then comes the condom as it's slipped in from the other side slowly down my shaft. A quick wet lap of a tongue grazes across the head before the lips themselves push and swallow the head whole along with the shaft soon after. It's almost impossible not to hit the wall from the intense feeling of that perfect woman's mouth taking me in whole with the tongue circling around without rest.

I push forward more towards the wall as she bobs on me up and down pleasing the whole shaft when she doesn't stop to give the head special attention. And with her work it isn't long before I start to feel myself close to orgasm. I slam the wall as it comes close and she then quickens her pace even more which simply throws me off the edge as I feel myself release into the condom, pretending it's filling up her mouth. Her technique hardly changes, as if she trying to milk me dry but it eventually ends as I pull myself out from the glory hole. And as always her trademark, a lipstick mark on the condom as a sign of my good time here in the VIP Room...

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