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  By: unknown

From the moment I first saw her I was hooked. She was beautiful, sexy, and she had that look of pure mischief. Coco brown skin that is soft and smooth. A skinny waist with nice big hips and an ass that would make a grown man want to cry. The plumpest, juiciest lips you have ever seen, with eyes that looked like magic. When I first saw her I wanted to kiss those sweet lips and just make the kinkiest love with her. There is one problem, THE BIG PROBLEM. She is my girlfriend’s sister.

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The Naughty Meter

Every time I see her I flirt with her, calling her some type of silly name or just making her laugh. She always responds back with, “Whatever!” or “I guessssssss!” or just “Shut up Slim!” She has a huge attitude, and it is so sexy! She always seems to taunt me when she visits my girlfriend. She asks probing questions about our sex life that my girlfriend just brushes off. Then when she gets no where with that she proceeds to talk about hers. She tells us that her boyfriend always wants her, and when she is not in the mood he tries to bribe her with oral sex. In my head I just think, “I can’t blame him!” The way that she does it though I can’t help but think she knows how bad I want her.


**Knock Knock**

I open the door and there she is. Open toed shoes showing off her perfect little feet. She is wearing tight booty shorts that are ready to burst from her swollen ass, and a white tube top that was just enough to hold her tight, firm breasts. The shirt said, “Horny Little Devil” in a very sexy glitter print. Her shorts said “Juicy” right on the thigh next to her pussy. She had a lollipop in her mouth and her sunglasses just barely on her face. She looked out the top of her glasses and said, “Hey Slim! Where’s my sister?” I responded, “Hey Dork! She’s Working!” She said, “Shit! That’s right I forgot she works today!” I asked her, “What you want her for?” She replied, “I just wanted to hang out with her to get away from my apartment.” I laughed, “What’s wrong with your apartment?” She said, “Nothing it’s my stupid boyfriend that’s wrong. He is mad annoying, and I need to get away for a bit.” I told her, “Well if you want to come inside and chill with me until I pick up your sister I don’t mind.” She popped the lollipop out of her mouth and with an attitude said, “I guessss!” I laughed and so did she.

I turned on the t.v. and sat on the couch with her. “So what’s up?” I asked. She replied, “Nothing.” I asked her, “What is the matter with you and the boyfriend now?” She said, “He’s annoying, He keeps trying to get me to fuck him and I’m not in the mood.” “Why not?” I asked. “He is mad boring! All he wants to do is eat my pussy and then lay on top of me for half an hour!” I laughed. She said, “It’s not funny! He is annoying and I need some good sex!” I placed my arm around the back of her neck and laid my head on her shoulder. “Awww poor baby!” I mocked her. She laughed and said, “I know right! Help me Slim!” She placed her hand on my lap jokingly. Almost immediately my dick got hard. She gasped and said “Whoa!” in shock. I quickly replied “What can I say he’s got a mind of his own!” chuckling. She replied, “That’s ok I have that effect!” I replied, “I know!” She laughed again and said, “Isn’t my sister taking care of you?” I said, “Of course!” She said, “She never talks about her sex life.” I said, “Yea she’s a little like your man when it comes to that. Boring!” She laughed and said, “We should switch!” I replied, “Hellz yea!”

She was still looking at my dick and said, “I never seen a white dick in person.” So I laughed and pretended to whip my dick out. She said, “Your such a tease!” I grabbed my dick and pulled it out the top of my shorts. “Damn! You’re a freak!” I laughed and said, “Yea I am.” As I started to put it away. “Hold on there Slim I didn’t even get a good look!” She said as she moved a little closer. I pulled him back out as she got a closer look. “You have a very nice dick. Its got a nice shape and It’s the perfect size.” I blushed and said, “Thanks!” “Anytime!” she said. I said to her, “Well I gave you a peak. You gonna give me a peak?” She laughed and said, “HELL NO!” I said, “That aint right! Your being a tease!” She said, “Awww poor baby!” I replied, “You suck!” She put her lollipop back in her mouth slowly and twisted it around on her lips. “MmmmmHmmmmmm” She said. She pulled the lollipop from her lips and said, “It tastes sooo sweet, and its got my lips all sticky!” She leaned toward me and we started kissing. I licked her lips and they were soooo soft and sweet and sticky! I placed my hand on her lap and started rubbing her thigh.

My other hand is on the back of her head running through her hair. She started rubbing my chest, and I moved my hand from her thigh to her pussy. It was so hot and wet. It was wet right through her shorts. She bit my lip and moaned. “You want that pussy?” she teased me. “I’ve wanted it since I met you!” I confessed. She replied, “I knew you were a bad boy!” She stood up and pulled her tight shorts down. I watched as they struggled to get free from her sexy curves. Her pussy was so wet I could tell by just looking at it. It looked so tight like it hadn’t even been used before. She had just the little patch of curly hair right above her pretty little slit. “Damn! That pussy looks perfect!” I shouted. She laughed and took her lollipop and slowly rubbed it on her coco brown pussy lips. I stroked my dick vigorously as I watched. She slowly pushed it into her tight pussy. The lollipop seemed to just barely fit. I thought to myself, “Damn that pussy is just how I imagined it!” She stood in front of me and fucked her pussy with the lollipop for a moment. She slowly pulled it out and I could see that she came all over it. I opened my mouth and said, “May I have some?” She placed the creamy lollipop in my mouth. I sucked it so hard, I wanted to get the taste of that sweet pussy cream all in my mouth.

I couldn’t help myself once the creamy pussy taste hit my tongue I just ate the lollipop right up. I tossed the stick to the floor as she said, “Ohhhh, You’re a hungry boy huh?” I nodded as she laughed and said, “Well I’m a hungry girl! You think you can help me out?” I nodded again and pulled my shorts off. As I did that she pulled her shirt off and let those beautiful breasts fall out. I looked at her and almost came on myself. I said, “Your beautiful!” She smiled and thanked me with her mouth on my dick. Im just sitting on the couch with my legs open and shes standing in front of me totally named except for her shoes. She is kissing and sucking my dick like it was the lollipop. She dropped to her knees and looked me right in the eyes as she popped it in and out of her mouth. I layed back on the couch and motioned her to put her pussy in my mouth while she sucked on my dick. She very quickly did me the favor and I started kissing that pussy like I was so in love with it. I licked it and sucked it and she just moaned and sucked on my dick while she creamed in my mouth. Her cum was sweet like honey and it filled me up so quick, but I couldn’t stop eating.

Then without a word we both knew what was next. She leaned forward and I got on the couch right behind her and slowly forced my dick into that tight pussy. If it wasn’t soo wet it wouldn’t have fit inside. She moaned so loud and my eyes just rolled back into my head. I watched my cock dip in and out of that sweet pussy and just pull out cream like it was a refinery. My cock never felt so good before. I was grabbing her tits as I fucked her from the back. Then I said, “Get on your back I want to show you how your man needs to fuck you from the top!” She quickly got on her back and smiled it was that naughty smile that I saw when I first met her. “I knew you were a bad girl when I met you” and she said, “And I knew I was gonna get that dick when I first met you!” I was sooo turned on I couldn’t say a word. I Just pulled her shoes off her pretty feet and started sucking her toes. I slid my dick inside of her while I sucked on her toes and she moaned like she was in heaven.

When I was finished with her toes I started sucking on those sweet nipples. They looked like Hershey Kisses. They tasted even sweeter though! I fucked that pussy every which way! We fucked for hours before her phone rang. We paused for a moment as she grabbed it out of her purse that was on the floor next to our clothes. “Hello? What do you want? Im busy right now…” I knew who it was by now, so I started giving her some nice tender strokes with my dick. “I’ll be hooooooome when I get thereeeeeeee!” She moaned. Then she hung up and laughed.

I pulled my dick out and kissed her again. She reached down and started sucking it again. She paused for a moment and with it in her mouth she muttered, “You gonna give me a going away present?” I smiled and watched her suck my dick like she was in love with me. Eventually I couldn’t hold it any longer I let the greatest nut off in her mouth. I never felt so good before. She moaned with satisfaction and she swallowed it down like a milkshake. She licked her lips and said, “Thank you Slim!” “No Thank you!” I replied. We both laughed. We got dressed and I asked her if she was going to come with me to pick her sister up, and she replied, “Nah I got what I really came for!”

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Sexually_Desired Nice story!

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