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Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack

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Sitting up one night, writing on her computer, waiting for her boyfriend, Matt, to come home, Katie had an insatiable caving for strawberries. She walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a pint of ripe, red strawberries, an aerosol can of whipped cream, and a bar of chocolate. She placed a double boiler on the stove, set it on medium, and dropped the chocolate in. Waiting for the chocolate to melt, she washed the strawberries, cut the tops off, and filled them with whipped cream.
After pouring the melted chocolate in a bowl, she grabbed her strawberries and walked back into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, she dipped strawberry after strawberry into the chocolate…placing one after the other in her mouth, biting the end off, and sucking out the whipped cream. After a short while, she noticed a slight tingling between her thighs. She knew chocolate was an aphrodisiac, but she had never experienced the high.

Just then, Matt walked through the door. Katie jumped up, trying to hide the chocolate…a very guilty look on her face. Matt, spotting a bit of chocolate on her lip, leaned in to kiss her. While entranced by his kiss, Katie didn’t notice when Matt dipped his finger into the melted chocolate, and traced a line down her throat. Sitting on the couch, he pulled Katie into his lap as he slowly kissed the chocolate off her neck, running his tongue over her now very flushed skin. Stopping momentarily to kiss her lips once more, before returning to her neck…he tasted the sweet chocolate beneath his lips.
Continuing to trace her throat with his lips, his hands slid down her body, as he laid her back on the couch. Gently he kissed her soft, pouty lips. His hands find the buttons on her shirt and unbutton it before removing it from her body. Taking the melted chocolate, he drizzled it on Katie’s partially exposed flesh. Beginning to feel the warmth radiating from beneath her skirt, Matt leaned closer, pressing his body against hers. His lips slowly traveled over her skin, tasting her beneath the chocolate…softly kissing her nipples, the chocolate coating melting away under the heat of his embrace.

He swirled his tongue over Katie’s now squirming body, flicking and sucking on her perky nipples…his body pressed hard against hers…his heart pounding against her stomach…his hardening cock pressed against her warm, wetness. Pausing for just a moment to gaze into her fiery eyes and kiss her passionately, his hands lovingly caress her body. Matt dips his finger into the chocolate, and traces a line from her nipples down to her stomach…dripping teasing dots along her waistline. Starting at her waist, her ran his tongue back up her gorgeous body, sliding his tongue along her midriff, and back to her stiff nipples.
Kissing her body hard, Matt passionately kissed back down to the hem of her skirt, kissing her stomach as he slid his hand slowly up her thigh. Lifting her skirt up a bit, he continued to kiss her hot skin hidden beneath it…his tongue running along her hot flesh, feeling her clit throbbing beneath his tongue as it slid towards her soft, moist lips. He paused momentarily to slide her skirt down her legs. He slid her skirt down her longs legs and it fell from her feet. He was lost in the sight of Katie’s gorgeous body, and the taste of her glistening pussy as he explored with his tongue.

Matt slid his hand along the inside of her thigh, feel his hard cock straining against his pants. He lifted Katie’s leg and placed it on her shoulder, sliding his tongue back along the inside of her thigh, towards the beautiful wetness before him. Her thigh trembled against his neck as he teased her with his tongue, running it from the bottom of her dripping pussy, dipping it inside of her for only a second and then flicking her rigid clit. His lips kissed her passionately, salivating as he slid his tongue into her again, gently making love to her with his tongue. Biting her clit, feeling her squirm beneath him, her body writhing against her, he place her other leg on his shoulder, wrapping her legs around his head. Matt’s mouth danced with Katie’s dripping pussy, his cock swelling…far beneath her hot, wet lips, his body thrust for hers.

Slowly, Matt slid back up her chest, pressing his lips hard to hers. Katie slowly unbuttoned his shirt, allowing it to fall open. Their bare chests now pressed together. Katie’s hands slid over his shirt, removing it from his body. He arched his back allowing her to reach between their two bodies, and slide his shorts off his butt. His hard cock, finally being released, gently slapped against her naked pussy. He gently slid his throbbing head against the entrance of her hot, wet pussy. They moaned into each others mouths as their natural bodies pressed close. His heart pounded in his chest, in prefect time with hers, as he slid his hand along the backside of her thigh, pulling it quickly to his side. His newly found aggression made her gasp.
Pulling her hips to his, his head pressed against her wet pussy, he looked into her eyes, before pulling her forcefully to him. His cock thrust deep inside her. Grinding into her, he held her thigh in one hand, resting the other by her waist to support his weight as he thrust into her, hard and fast. His hips collided with hers each time his cock disappeared inside her. Looking lovingly into his eyes, the pleasure caused her to arch her back. Matt grabbed Katie’s hips, lifting her ass off the couch and pulled her onto his cock. With Matt now fully inside her, she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper. Their eyes locked as his hand slid to her ass, gripping it tight as he thrust into her, grinding his hips against hers before pulling slowly out. He quickly, forcefully thrust deep inside her once again. His balls slapping against her ass as he burried his cock in her perfect pussy over and over again. Her breasts bouncing on her chest every time his hips slammed into hers.

Matt’s moans increased, feeling her body so erotically close to his. Katie’s pussy began to drip around his cock, her juices running down his legs as he pulled her over him. His cock throbbed against her soft, wet pussy. The passion exploded in theirs eyes as they were pleasuring one another. Her legs gripped at his back, pulling him deeper, as he thrust faster and harder. His hips slid against her damn thighs as he ravaged her, needing to hear her scream in passion. Her legs tightened with each thrust. Katie’s pussy was so close to exploding on Matt’s throbbing cock.
He leaned back to allow more room for his cock. As he did, Katie’s legs began to tremble as she exploded, her body shuddering with ecstasy. Her head fell back. Her hands gripped at the cushions as her arms moved to her sides. Feeling her pussy contracting, Matt gripped her hips and thrust harder, exploding deep inside her. He looked deeply into her eyes, moaning. Feeling her body tightening around his contracting cock, squeezing him dry, he collapsed onto her stomach, both their bodies glistening with sweat.

Matt slid his arms over Katie’s shoulders, his cock still deep inside her, and kissed her deeply, their bodies shuddering together, as he rolled her on top of him, and they drifted off to sleep, still joined as one.

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unknown    (2007-12-25 03:08:12)    Flag as inappropiate
Very hot... and well-written ;)

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