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  By: elDiablito212

I steaded myself as I walked up the stairs to the apartment building that I owned and managed. I was going to visit Mona my tenant in 3B who has been behind rent for two months now. When I got to the door, I didn't knock, just unlocked the door with my master key and walked in--just to remind her that this is still my property.

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"What the fuck? Excuse me don't you knock?" she said with an attitude. "Well when tenants are paying me they get all the courtesy that they want but you miss have not." I responded coldly. "You're two months behind on rent, I've come to collect the money or else serve you an eviction notice."
She looked away from me and responded, "I told you that I have job interviews this week and that I'd have the money together in a few weeks." "Nope, sorry that's what you said last month so basically you're telling me that you don't have money to pay and that I'm going to have to evict you," I answered. "What am I going to do though, I have nowhere else to go, I just hit a bump in the road and you're gonna throw me out?" "Listen, we've had this and many similar conversations already and I'm done hearing your excuses or debating with you. You need to pack your stuff and leave by the end of the week," I said looking directly at her.

She sat there silently tears welling up in her eyes and only then did I realize how incredibly hot she looked. She had on a sexy little tank-top that clung to her body stretched out around her ample breasts and some Victoria's secret shorts that accentuated her long and tone legs. I must have been standing there a few moments and she must have realized my thoughts because she slowly turned towards me and her gaze slowly raised up to meet mine. "Well maybe we can work something out," she murmured as she pulled down one strap of her tank-top.
Though I was aroused I reminded myself to be stern, "Listen Mona, you owe me $2800 of rent and I'm sorry but I don't think there's enough sucking and fucking you can do to make that up." "But please, you have to give me another chance, I have nowhere else to go, I don't have anyone to turn to and I don't want to be homeless, I'm just in a bad spot and I feel like my life is going to end. I'll do whatever you want, I'll be your whore, I'll be your slave."

... whore...slave... Those words reached my ears and into my brain and reverberated into the very core of my being and every nerve raised electrified. "Okay, I accept but you're still going to pay me my money but you've just bought yourself another month to float. I have things to take care of but I'll be back tonight around 7pm," I responded as I turned to leave doing my best to act cool and unaffected but inside I felt like a hurricane was churning. I have always fantasized always dreamed about having a slave, a woman for my every perverse desire and indulgence and here it was now. I have power over this woman and she has willed herself mine to use as I please.

I tried to finish my chores up normally but I happy as a little kid on Christmas morning and I quickly rushed over to the sex stores on 6th Avenue and West 4th street. There I found stores full of delightful items to bind, beat, whip and probe in every imaginable way that man's twisted sick fucking mind could imagine. I selected a few items to ease my new plaything into our arrangement and after making my purchase I returned to my office and sat at my desk to finish off some paperwork when an idea popped into my mind and a sly smile spread across my face.

Quickly I ran over to 3B and barged in on Mona who was on the phone looking frustrated. I walked over to her took the phone out of her hands, hung it up and grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards the door. "Wait, I was on the phone with a job prospect." she protested. "Silence, slave. I own you, never forget that." I answered in a stern voice. "But you said you were coming by tonight." she continued but I answered her with a slap across the face. "Ouch, My God," she cried out as I slapped her again leaned close in and said in a menacing whisper, "No God is not here. I am. He is merciful and forgiving but I am not. You do not talk back to me and you only speak when you are addressed. Do you understand me?" "Yes," she answered. "Yes, What?" I asked. "Yes Master," she replied in her most docile voice. Satisfied that my point was made I led her to my office.

My first idea was to have her suck my dick under the desk while I did paperwork but I found the domination aspect of this relationship more exciting than the sexual aspects. Pointing towards the middle of the room I instructed her to strip as I rummaged through my bag of sex toys looking for something appropriate for the moment. I needed something to emphasize my control over her so I selected a ball gag, wrist and ankle manacles. I put the gag in her mouth and had her kneel down arms behind her back with her face to the ground as I restrained her hands and feet and then chained them together.

She looked so beautiful like that it is impossible to describe, like a Bottecelli angel kneeling before God for his grace and blessing but instead finding him to be a fucking sadistic. I watched her for several moments as my mind whirled with ideas of what to do to her now so I emptied out an extra large filing cabinet that I had, lifted her up and placed her inside of it. "Now you be quiet as Master has work to finish, I will attend to you later", I spoke as benevolently as I could pretend and she muttered through her gag, "Yes Master."

I sat down at my desk and surprisingly my mind was very calm and at peace. There was something very natural about the role I was playing though I've never had the opportunity before. I spent the next half hour or so finishing up my paperwork and then thought about what I wanted to do next with my little Pet. I wanted to further hammer the point of my dominion but frankly I wanted to get laid as well so I pulled open the drawer and there she was face down, bound and utterly under my control.

My dick became instantly hard and seeing her in that position I realized exactly what I wanted to do and I opened up my bag of sex goods and pulled out a healthy sized bottle of lubricant and slowly worked it onto my dick. I then lifted her ass a little higher and rubbed some lube onto her pussy and asshole then spread it over her entire ass for good measure.

I rubbed her asshole with one thumb enjoying the tautness and texture under my finger and with my other hand I massaged her pussy lips between my other thumb and index finger. For a good ten minutes I continued to massage her pussy and ass and even probed both with a finger or two and she slowly warmed to the sensation and her pussy flushed slightly red to my stimulation. Satisfied that she was ready for my attention I positioned myself above her with my legs on either side of the cabinet drawer and braced myself one hand against the cabinet and with the other guided my dick towards her goods.
I gently eased the head of my dick against her asshole, not penetrating yet, and she contracted slightly and puckered against the touch. I wanted to draw this out so instead of entering her I rubbed my head around her asshole drawing circles of friction between us, positioned my dick up and pushed my shaft firmly against her ass and moved up and down. Slight moans issued from within the cabinet as I continued this steady motion and her pussy and ass contracted even more pulling greedily at me like a hungry pup.

By now my balls were beginning to ache as I needed to fuck and my dick began to hurt from my own torment so I stopped the rubbing and positioned my dick directly towards her asshole. I pushed my head against it once more and she was so incredibly tight I had to hold her by the waist just to make that first entry. Slowly she opened up like a blossoming flower and her asshole wrapped itself around my head and her contraction was pulling me inside her. I resisted though and let myself go in only as deep as my head and began rubbing her clit as I pushed in and out only a few centimeters back and forth.
Steadily I continued and slapped her ass several times which elicited a muffled yelp from behind her ball gag and I smiled to myself seeing my hand print firmly imprinted on her ass cheek. After a few moments she began to jerk and buckle as I realized that she was nearing orgasm so I took my hands off her clit and holding onto her waist began to push deeper and longer into her ass.

Her ass was still tense so I was only going halfway into her and I knew I had to coax it open so I pulled pulled in and out each time going just a bit deeper and within minutes I was able to push all the way in. I am no kid when it comes to fucking though so I didn't just start hammering away, no I wanted to savor this so I pulled out my full length and slid it back in, in an agonizingly slow pace every time enjoying that feeling of resistance before my dick went back inside of her.
I cannot describe the pleasure of this moment and how crazy it looked with me straddled around a filing cabinet drawer with her bounded and gagged inside of it while I ass fucked her. This moment was so intense that had I known I might have excused her a month of rent just for this right now but of course I'll keep that between you and me. After a few more minutes of teasing each other I needed to cum so a braced my legs and placed both hands around her waist as I began to push in and out of her with increasing force.

Steadily I rammed myself in and out of her asshole and the friction grew as the lube either dripped away or gave up and I contined my assault. What a commotion we made as I began issuing incomprehensible noises and she screamed against her ball gag all the while slamming around the cabinet drawer.

After a few more minutes of this beastial coupling we both came and I emptied myself inside of her asshole as she buckled wildly and I stood back and admired my handiwork. There she was in the drawer bound and gagged skin dripping with our sweat, her ass swollen, pussy and asshole battered with my cum dripping slowly out of her. This was pure art, Michaelangelo did not feel as proud when he finished the Sistine Chapel as I felt at that moment. I admired it for several more minutes then walked over to unbind her but then stopped and instead kicked the drawer shut then sat myself down to have some Whiskey and a cigarette thinking about what I was going to do to her that night and for the next month.
(to be continued)

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unknown    (2008-05-15 23:24:24)    Flag as inappropiate
6th ave and 4th st? Which store? There is one near there owned by an old Korean lady that I love to go to.
elDiablito212    (2008-01-23 11:18:27)    Flag as inappropiate
Comments anyone? More ideas to contribute to this series?

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