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It was just another boring day in the gym, or so I thought, I had virtually finished my workout and was just cooling down on the exercise bike when you walked in. I glanced at you, in the gym nobody usually stands out, well there is a lot of flesh to choose from, but I found my eyes drawn back to you again… You gave me a slight smile and then turned and walked to the machine that works your inner thighs. This machine was located directly in front of the stationery bike. When you use it, you place your ankles in stirrups that attach to movable platforms. You then set the desired weight and open and close your legs as far as you can. The effect is, to say the least, most inviting when seen from somebody on the bike!

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I watched as you began to exercise, your legs opening and closing, the tight and sheer material of your shorts repeatedly stretched across your vulva. The sheer outline was obvious to me and I felt my cock stir and twitch as I watched, not able to take my eyes from you, watching your thighs tense and loosen as you worked the weights. I couldn’t believe how obvious I was being, my eyes never leaving you, I had never felt so utterly out of control in such a short space of time. I decided it was a good move to leave before you caught me watching you, so I dismounted the bike and left for the pool.

After swimming for a while I began to regain some control and headed for the sauna as a final ritual I put myself through to finish off my workout. You were still in my mind, but at least it was not as obvious in my shorts! The sauna was empty, and I sat back after adding a generous amount of water to the coals. I ran my hands across my naked chest, body and thighs, feeling the slick sweat staring to cover my body. Placing the towel across the top bench I lay down and closed my eyes. I was almost drifting off, when the door opened and you walked in.

I must have appeared flustered and adjusted my position; my legs had fell wide open which was not the most gentlemanly pose! "Hi", you said, as you walked in and sat in front of me on the lower bench. "Do you mind if I put some more water on?" I croaked a no in reply and I watched as you stood up, your bikini was backless and I could already see the sweat gathering in beads on your back and then running to the top of your ass. You bent over and ladled some more water on; my eyes followed the line of your bikini, across your buttocks, the crack of your ass so inviting. Oh god, my cock was off again.

You backed onto the chair and sat down again asking, "Did you enjoy that?" I started, "erm, sorry, I mean, yes, erm", I was flustered by your question when you elaborated; "In the pool, I was watching you swimming". "Oh, yes" I replied, its nice to swim after a work out. You turned your head and looked up at me smiling, "Did you think I meant me bending over in front of you?" You grinned wickedly and I smiled back, my embarrassment only matched by my growing excitement.

I could think of nothing to say, but I didn’t have to, your hand moved up and rested on my thigh, and gently brushed up my leg. "I saw you looking at me in the gym too, in fact you couldn’t take your eyes from between my legs could you?" I gasped as your hand continued up my leg, so slowly, finger tips just raking over me, the sweat making me even slicker to the touch. "I bet you were thinking all sorts of wicked thoughts, I bet you wanted to taste between my legs, to put your fingers inside me, to feel my hot, wet cunt…"

Your voice hardened on the word "cunt" and at the same time your hand grasped my cock, now hard and straining against my shorts. "Oh, god" I moaned and my head fell back, my legs opened and I prayed you would continue. "Tell me what you were thinking, tell me" you commanded.

"I was staring at the mound of your pussy, and yes I wanted you", your hand gripped me tighter.

"I could see your cunt through the material, I was imagining touching you there", your hand rubbed across me

"I wanted to feel how hot you were, how wet you were", your hand grasped my cock

"I wanted to pull aside your shorts and feel your hot, wet, flesh", wanking me through the shorts

"I wanted to…"

Before I could say any more your hand reached inside the leg of my shorts and grabbed my naked cock. Wanking me furiously within my shorts. My legs trembled as you pulled on me, I felt my come rising so quickly. Then you stopped…

"Meet me outside, quickly, and don’t shower – we can do that at my house." You stood up and walked out.

And so here I am, standing outside the gym, not showered, having just pulled on my top and bottoms, my cock still erect from our recent encounter. I am just starting to think it is a wind up when you appear. Your hair is sill matted to your head; I can see dampness through your tracksuit from your still wet bikini underneath. I cannot believe this is happening, but you take my hand. "Come with me, I just live around the corner"

I follow you into a small terraced house and before the door is closed behind me you turn and pull my mouth to yours. Our first kiss is electrical, passionate and has my legs shaking. We are both so turned on from our recent public encounter. I cannot believe how fast this is happening as you break the kiss and lead me upstairs.

"So you like to watch me?" you ask as I walk up behind you. "Oh god, yes" I reply. "Good!" You lead me into a well-lit bedroom, sunlight streams from the window across a double bed with a single white sheet on it.

"Sit down there", you indicate a small bedroom chair at the foot of the bed. "I love people to watch me, wait there"

Sitting down, I watch as you enter a small bathroom to the side of the room, you remove your top as you walk through the door and it swings shut behind you. I have never felt so turned on in my life and I am dying to follow you, I am just on the point of standing when you re-enter the bedroom. You are only wearing the bikini now and in your hand is a small bottle. "Massage oil" you say noticing me look, "I am going to masturbate for you". My throat goes dry as you climb onto the bed. Lying back you prop two pillows up and then lay into them. I am sitting at the foot of the bed staring at your naked feet, legs and then bikini bottoms, my heart racing, my cock throbbing.

"Just watch, don’t touch" you say and I stare at you entranced.

Your eyes are closed as your fingertips move to your neck, and stroke along your collarbone, turning your face to one side. As your hand moves down over your shoulders, you spread your fingers and trace light patterns, moving lower, till your hand comes to rest on your left breast, I watch mesmerized as you massage until the nipple is hard, it strains against the think bikini material. I sigh; you open your eyes, and almost appear startled when you notice me watching you with an intensity that bespeaks your own excitement

You smile, almost seeming to remember I am there, "Make yourself comfortable" you say as you slowly slip the bikini from your upper body, your breasts round and firm with nipples already thrusting up, yearning to be caressed. You reach for the massage oil and pour a small glob onto your index and ring finger. Then slowly you tentatively, hesitantly move your fingers over your body, spreading a thin line of oil from your waist and over one breast. You touch your other hand to the right side of your neck, and slowly rake your fingernails over the skin, between chin and collarbone, rolling your head to one side on the pillow

You close your eyes, and begin to abandon yourself to the sensations of your own hands caressing your body. My own hands push down my tracksuit bottoms and shorts, pushing them down my legs to reveal my hard, erect cock. I stare at you as your other hand moves up the center of your stomach, touching the skin; you slide the bikini further down your body and arch your back until the it is pushed down around your waist. Your hands travel up the length of your body and rest over each breast, cupping them, massaging and caressing, working the nipples into hard peaks.

My breath is coming faster as my excitement mounts, you open your legs slightly and move one hand down, working it under the fabric until you can feel your own wetness. You open wider and slide your hand down further, burying your fingertips in your hair, which is tangled now and damp from your excitement. My own fingers work on the very tip of my cock, teasing myself, reaching the same level of excitement as you are now displaying.

You thoroughly wet your finger and then move it up across your body, touching each nipple with your wetness, feeling each one grow harder. You then touch the same finger to your lips and stroke it gently back and forth, tasting yourself.

You open your legs yet wider and stroke your fingertips back and forth across your inner thighs, lightly brushing over the pleasure place between your legs. You are breathing heavy now, and sighing, seemingly forgetting that I am in the room. But then you speak, "Do you want to see all of me?"

"Yes" there is a husky, straining sound in my voice. "Take the bikini off now. Let me see all of you."

You slowly arch your back and slide the offending cloth down your hips, until you can kick it off with the motions of your legs. You part your legs slightly and place a hand over your hair, feeling the wetness against your palm.

"Open them wider. Let me see all of you. Lose yourself .....for me." My voice betrays my own mounting passion and desire. You allow your long slender legs to drop fully open and begin to explore the soft folds between your thighs, easing yourself open, pushing the lips aside to allow a fingertip to slide easily between your opening. You move a fingertip up and down between your legs, sliding gently with your wetness now evenly distributed, and pausing each time as you touch your clitoris, circling it slowly, enjoying the waves of sensation which are beginning to take hold of you. Your other hand continues to stroke your upper body, across your lower stomach, and up over each breast. You shiver and moan as the first sensation of orgasm begins to wash over you. You place a finger inside your opening, feeling the softness and warmth deep within.

"Aaaaahhhhhh" you sigh, as you withdraw your finger and again circle your clit, hard and erect, and each gentle touch bringing you closer to climax, yet you try to hold off, allowing the tension to mount.

You again move both hands over your upper body, allowing your legs to remain open like a blatant invitation, touching your nipples with your wet finger. As you return your hand between your legs and reinsert a finger, you thrust your hips upward, gently rocking in the motions of lovemaking, and slide your finger back up until you can feel your orgasm begin. Your finger circles your clit with a new intensity and your cries fill the room. I can stand it no longer and you are so lost that you are unaware that I have joined you on the bed until you feel my tongue mingle with your own finger, licking and caressing and pushing you over the edge. I push two fingers deep inside you and slowly move them in and out as my tongue continues to probe and touch your pulsing flesh.

"I WANT you now. FUCK ME NOW!" You cry.

I move between your legs and place my cock just barely inside you. You encircle my flesh with your hand, feeling its length and hardness. You move it up and down between your legs, moaning each time it passes over your still erect clit, as the last sensations of orgasm die away.

My cock moves again to your opening and I thrust gently, pushing a few inches within your warmth and wetness, slowly sliding in. You tighten your muscles against me, trying to pull me deeper inside, moaning again, "FUCK me."

I thrust harder, burying myself deep within you, as you arch upward to meet me, wrapping your legs around my hips. We move in unison, softly moaning with each thrust which brings us closer and me deeper within you. I am hard like never before, filling you and pounding into you. Each time I thrust deep inside you, you feel my skin touch your clit which is still hard and sensitive, and you can feel my balls slap against you with the intensity of my movements.

I cup your face in my hands and you dig my nails into your back, arching in an attempt to get more of me into you as you tighten the grip your legs on my hips. Your tongue finds its way into my mouth, seeking mine, until they meet with an urgency equal to the thrusting of our lower bodies.

I can feel the spasms deep within you as you sigh and cry out again. Our tongues meet again in a wet, fiery embrace. I tense, and you can feel my cock grow yet harder as I begin to come with an intensity that leaves us both weak and breathless. My cum fills you with each deep thrust, until I collapse against you, our bodies still joined.

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