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"I'm just saying, I'd rather just fuck any day than get head," I said.


"You just haven't had good head, man," said Mike, "you need to borrow Stacy." We all laughed.

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The three of us we sitting at a table downing a pitcher. Mike would probably qualify as my best friend: we'd been shooting hoops and chasing girls together for over a decade. Both of us had settled down with long-term girls for the past few years. Stacy, Mike's girl, was sitting next to me, and she was looking gorgeous. I think Mike always suspected me of having a little crush on her, just like I suspected him of having a crush on Lana, my fiancee, who didn't make it out that night.


Probably about a month later, Stacy and I were commiserating online about how Mike and Lana were both at work leaving us little to do on a Friday night. I suggested we do something, maybe go out somewhere, and she told me to just come over instead since we were both pretty broke.


I brought a couple joints. After smoking up, we poked around for some movies we hadn't seen, then cruised the pirate satellite guide, and settled on something neither of us really wanted to watch. We wound up mostly talking. About what, I really can't remember, because the conversation took a turn that sticks out in my memory.


"So did you get good head yet?" she asked. I chuckled and shook my head. "Awww, poor Matt." We kept watching Conan.


A couple minutes later, she said, "I'll do it, if you want." I looked at her; she had a mischievous smile on her face.


"Are you serious?" I asked. She nodded enthusiastically. My heart pounded. It wouldn't be the first time I'd fooled around with one of Mike's girls (and he reciprocated), but this was Stacy, his probable future wife. Even still, I couldn't really see him being too upset if he found out... "Heh, why not?"


She slowly sidled over to me on the couch, still watching TV, and started rubbing my quickly swelling cock through my pants. Then she reached up to the button, flicked it open, and undid my zipper. Now she was looking at my crotch. She pulled on the waist of my pants and boxers at the same time, and I lifted my butt up a bit so she could move them down to around my knees. "Ooh," she said. I smiled.


Her blonde ponytailed hair brushed lightly on my thighs as she brought her mouth down over my cock. She took most of it right away, and I gasped. She was really sucking my dick, really expertly. I had gotten a handful of blowjobs from a handful of girls before, and even Lana had never gotten me off with it, but this, this felt so much better. She moved her head up and down more and more vigorously, and all I could feel was her soft lips and soft mouth bringing me to ecstasy.


I placed my hand on the back of her head, gingerly. Lana hated it when I did that. But Stacy moaned softly and started sucking me off even harder, so I grabbed her hair and started pushing. She moaned again. I was thrusting so hard at this point that I was practically fucking her face, and I could feel it coming, and wow, what a fucking orgasm. She sucked down every last drop.


I heaved and whimpered for a minute while Stacy wiped her big smiling lips. Then she reminded me of how our conversation at the bar had started, about how Mike never went down on her, as she grabbed my hand and shoved it down her pants into her extremely wet slit. "Your turn," she said, in a tone that would accept no argument.


Now, eating pussy, I can do. She got her pants off in a flash. I started kissing her mound, the insides of her thighs, her labia, but she said "Oh, come ON," and pulled my face right into her sopping wet pussy. I licked her clit vigorously and started fucking her with two fingers at the same time, and within a few seconds she was bucking and screaming like crazy. Little high pitched shrieks were coming out of her one after another as she convulsed, and this went on for a good minute before she decided she'd had enough.


My cock was still out and had gone back to rock hard at this point, and I don't even think she needed to say "Fuck me!" in the bestial way she did for me to do it. She ripped her shirt off, and hadn't been wearing a bra, so her little tits pointed straight at me as I rammed her into the corner of the couch. She rubbed her clit hard and moaned and moaned and then orgasmed again, and that was it for me. I thrusted three more times, harder than ever, then pulled out and exploded all over her flat stomach and little tits.


We cleaned up without a word, and went back to watching nothing on TV. We kept catching each other's glances, though.


Some time later, Mike found out. He didn't say anything to me; I found out when I got an IM message from Stacy that read "mike found out we fucked". It popped up while Lana was sitting at the computer.


"Um, what's this?" she asked. I saw it, my stomach lurched, and I opened and closed my mouth. "You fucked Stacy?" Lana looked genuinely hurt. I hadn't yet worked up the nerve to tell her myself. She just stared at me, mouth open, for what seemed like an eternity. Then her lips pursed into a tight smile, and she said, "This was about the head thing, wasn't it?" I nodded. She smiled more. "Well then, Mike spends enough time staring at my tits, I guess I'll have to see about letting him play with them." She patted me on the cheek and turned back around, smiling broadly.

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jayman and everybody lived happily ever after? xD
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bubbadave made me jack off.

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