When fantasy becomes real...pt 2   added 8 years ago    

  By: wisteria

Still laying beneath Joe, I feel a familiar itch between my legs , Mmm I want more.
Joe is nuzzling my neck and moaning as he rubs himself against me. This is so hot and I'm so turned on .I'm feeling so relaxed and uninhibited with Joe.
He tells me I'm beautiful and sensuous... I cant get enough of this guy.


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The Naughty Meter

I'm looking dishevelled, as I lay in my undewear , stockings and still have the boots on.
Joe is touching my hair, kissing my eyes, my nose , my neck....he tells me he feels alive...he tells me he never thought he'd be doing this again...can't believe himself and hes hot ... believe me he's so ...oh damn fine at this.

I feel like a godess beneath him as he compliments me , there's only us in this love affair .I wriggle beneath him as he kisses my ear..super sensitive ...he knows this... I playfully roll and wriggle til we're lying side to side ..laughing and enjoying the mood.

I stand up to remove my boots and he pulls me to his face. His face is buried in my crotch, breathing me in through my thin underwear. He tells me how aroused he is by the mixture of us on my lacy pants... I'm squirming ..as he hooks a thumb in my pants and pulls back the flimsy material and starts to touch me again .

I part my legs and stand against him , looking every part the seducer, His other hand is running up and down the back of my leg, enjoying the feel of my smooth stockinged leg. I feel his breath thick on my skin , as he kisses my damp, musky sex.

A thrill runs through my body as his tongue starts to probe deeper into me. he stops and parts my legs even further apart , using his thumbs he parts my lips , opening me up to him , my head is thrown back , moaning as he flicks his tongue across my hardened bud...so horny

I start to slowly rock my hips against him , he groans and licks me , long , wet strokes that are driving me insane. licking me and applying pressure with his thumb on my swollen clit...I reach for his head and hold him tight into me and grind against his face ... superb...sublime pleasure

I play with my nipple while Joe , sensationally pleasures me orally, God I want him inside me again... I can feel my tension building , and my sex becoming soaked, as I feel trickles on my thigh.
he shows no sign of letting me off so easily. His hand moves around and cups my ass as he pulls me into him and I buck against him ... I begin to orgasm as he plunges his tongue inside me to feel my quivering climax...exquisite

He growls as I squirm and cum , he gently laps me up , my breathing is shallow and my legs are weak..he fixes my pants and lies back on the couch.

I open my eyes and see him , in all his glory laying stretched out , a huge smile on his face and a hand on his rock hard shaft.. this guy is a legend ....

I kneel beside him and tell him " payback" and laugh ... feeling very sexy and turned on ...showtime!

I place my hand on his and trace his movements , very slow strokes ....cupping his full sac with my other hand , I watch his face as he smiles ...then watch as his pleasure intensifies ..and his face movements change , as his breath grows heavy, as his eyes darken . I watch the easy movement of his hips as I stroke with him...

I move his hand away and slowly descend onto him , never taking my eyes off him , I pop the head of his hardness in my mouth and suck him ..just the head, wetting and sucking his shaft .. Mmm feels so good...he tastes of me ...salty , a heady scent in my nostrils as I start to lick him from root to tip...teasing and tasting him as i go, grasping him hard and pulling on him as his eyes roll back in his head ...i'm like the cat that got the cream !

tracing my finger tips up and down his thighs , never stopping licking for a moment, his groaning and sighing is arousing me so much , my own sex is quivering. I'm wet again with wanting for this man. I roll my tongue around his girth and resume my wet sucking , the sound of my wet mouth on him is more than we can both bear , Joe raises himself up and starts to penetrate deep inside my mouth... I gag a little as his shaft hits the back of my tongue, I swallow deeply and feel him tighten ... he growls at me that he cant hold on too long .. he doesn't know if he can cum in my mouth... he's torn ..I suck faster ...wanting to bring him off in my mouth.. Joe never had the pleasure before and I want to be the first to make him cum, knowing he will never look back from this night....

I lick as suck him deeper into my throat as he tells me huskily he's past the point of no return and he gonna cum hard ... I bob my head furiously as he thrusts a final time into my hot wet mouth , I feel him seize and stiffen as he ejaculates load after load of hot , thick creamy spunk down my neck ...
I swallow him and continue licking him up...until he's limp and sad in my mouth ,
I think I've killed Joe ...
It's midnight ... another 7 hrs left til morning .... more to cum ....

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2tired    (2009-05-09 01:17:10)    Flag as inappropiate
good follow-up. from the moment that you laid him back, thru his cumming, was well done.
Slowdive    (2008-06-16 22:52:06)    Flag as inappropiate
This is a really nice story, I really enjoyed your writing.

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