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  By: Unlimited1

My heart races as I contemplate what I am about to do. I had responded to the online ad with some apprehension, asking myself if I was really going to go through with this. I had met the slightly older man on the corner of my street - he was broad, full-figured, with serious but attractive features. I had told him online that I was desperately horny and eager to suck cock. He was a few years older than me, certainly good-looking, but the fact that he was a complete stranger thrilled me and kept my heart pumping and adrenaline flowing through my belly.


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I led him into my room. We talked briefly, and I was surprised at how calm I sounded when I spoke. Soon the conversation lapsed into silence, and he reminded me of what we had spoken online. "What did we say was going to happen?


"I'm going to give you a blowjob," I said.


He told me to take off my shirt and pants, and made me kneel on the floor in front of him. He was sitting in my desk chair, and had slid down his pants and underwear to reveal a soft, nice-looking dick nestled atop his large, plump balls. My nervousness mingled with arousal and I could feel the stirrings of an erection inside me. He told me to put it in my mouth.


I immediately obliged, bending forward over his lap to wrap my lips around his soft penis, using my tongue to lick circles around the head and applying light suction with my mouth. I could feel him respond quickly, his cock growing hard between my lips. I could feel my own cock harden against my underwear as I lowered my head to take his shaft part of the way into my mouth, sliding my lips up and down the top of his shaft. I could taste and smell his pungent aroma, and while an unfamiliar feeling I began to enjoy his arousal, looking up at him as I pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.


He took his dick out of my mouth and told me to lick it top to bottom. He took his cock in his hand and held it for me to lick from the bottom of the shaft to the top, and back down, working my tongue up and down until it was slick from my saliva. He then ordered me to suck on his balls, and I did, running my tongue around their rough surface and sucking them one at a time, feeling the smoothness of the testicles within his tight, round sack. He then guided his dick back between my lips and I sucked at it hungrily, beginning to take it deeper into my mouth. Suddenly realizing that I was intensely aroused and wanting to let him know, I worked my hips and my upper body into the movement, looking up at him as I lowered my mouth further onto his cock. I grabbed it with my right hand and began to jerk him off as I worked his now fully-hardened cock in and out of my mouth.


Looking up at him I saw he was displaying no particular emotion but I could tell he was turned on by the quickness of his breathing, and I turned my attention back to sucking his dick with renewed intensity. I felt his hand grab me by the hair on the back of my head and he began to gently push me down, thrusting his cock deeper inside my mouth. I worked my mouth up and down urgently, taking time between thrusts to lick circles around the head, stopping to lick the crevice on the back of his cock head and back down the shaft. As I took him deeper and faster into my mouth, I felt his cock stiffen, and kept sucking as he reached orgasm, shooting spurts of semen, tart, sour, and salty all at once, down the back of my throat, which I swallowed. I continued the blowjob until he had finished shooting his load and his cock softened.


Shyly I asked him if the blowjob had been good. "I came, didn't I?" he said. He asked where the bathroom was and said he was going to go clean himself up. I heard him walk down the hall to the bathroom, then leave through the front door about five minutes later. I never saw him again.

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Peter65    (2012-07-16 01:40:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Nicely written, I would also like to try something like this
curious4cum    (2010-07-06 16:29:32)    Flag as inappropiate
I would love to get the courage to do something like this.

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