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It's been a long time since I've actually had sex with another human being. There's a good reason for it. A single parent raising a child, being the only financial support for a family - it takes it's toll. You find yourself engaging in meaningless sex on weekends when the babysitter is free. Too much incredibly intense, passionate, meaningless sex though, and you wonder exactly who you've become. So I stopped the meaningless sex.

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8 years later, with my son completely grown and off to college I felt like a free woman. The world was mine to have and I could do anything I wanted. Meaningless sex would have been the easy way out, but I no longer wanted a cheap thrill. I decided I was mature enough to start a real relationship. I slowly opened my mind to the possibilities of being physically intimate with someone again, allowing the sexual side of me to emerge from its deep slumber. As long as I kept myself focused on creating friendships first, I'd be fine. It would be a lot easier than when I was young and much more vibrant looking. When you're young and passionate, you seem to draw equally passionate people to you. I felt safe knowing that most people my age don't act so impulsively.

As a part of my re-entry into the world, I decided to take a flight overseas. It would be my first big step to creating the new me. I chose Singapore for its all-around ability to keep me entertained from museums to temples to first class hotels. Singapore Air was also known for their luxurious accommodations. Little did I know what other surprises would come with my flight.

As I was getting settled into my set, the passenger in the seat next to me arrived. He was a good looking man about my age, perhaps a little younger. He looked like he had just stepped off a construction sight with his steel-toed boots and company branded polo shirt. I have to say this amused me to no end, as if the universe were purposely tempting me. I noticed as he put things away there was no ring on his finger to indicate whether he was married - no tan line either. I put the thought out of my mind and tried to focus on the fact that I had put my meaningless sex days behind me for a good reason.

Once the plane headed out on the runway, he introduced himself. It was clear to me that he wasn't comfortable with the thought of being in the air. We struck up a general conversation, me trying to keep it humorous as I watched his strong hands grip the arm rest of his seat. I found out that the arrangements for his flight had to do with his latest creation - a self-sustaining green build combined with old school Feng Shui (the latter being his partner's idea to attract the wealthy California crowd). The airplane ticket was the gift of an interested party in Singapore looking to share in the wealth. We chatted off and on through dinner at which point he opened his laptop to finish some construction estimates for his meeting.

As night fell and the people in first class started to turn in I was a bit surprised to see him continue working on his computer. Those friends I know involved with construction tended to turn in early in order to get a fresh start with the sun rise. I was reading a steamy manuscript a friend had asked my opinion on before she shopped it to a publisher. She knew when it came to romance I was a hard sell. I never dreamed of Prince Charming and perfect weddings when I grew up. All I asked from the universe was a man with a fierce loyalty, intense passion and a good sense of humor. Someone who could respect me. Reading soppy pages about men spoiling women with their every desire bored me. I needed characters that understood life's bigger picture.

After one of the more satisfying chapters I set the papers down for a few minutes to re-acquaint myself with reality. According to my watch it was after midnight on the East Coast. I had no idea where we were in the process of my flight, but I was getting a little warm. With everyone else asleep and the man beside me focused on his computer screen, I carefully slipped my shirt off my shoulders trying not to attract attention, reclined my chair a little and sat with my silky camisole hugging every crevice of my body. I leaned a little on my right side for a change of pace resting the clipboard full of papers on the armrest, unaware that my breasts were straining against the silk to keep my nipples covered. I was comfortable and somewhat aroused at the last passage I had read. The next passage gave great promise for an equally stimulating experience.

I don't know if I was the one who started breathing heavily first, but after several minutes it became clear that the couple to my right were no longer asleep. It wasn't so much their low moaning which they were trying to conceal that made me aware of their status. It was the absence of the quiet clicking of the keyboard from the man beside me that drew my attention to the change. I stopped focusing on the papers in my hand, but did not change where I was looking. I decided to let the sounds around me dictate what my next move would be.

The passion of the couple next to me was becoming apparent. I could hear the woman's fingertips slowly trail across her boyfriend's body as only one who had experienced the same feeling would be able to tell from quiet sounds in the night. I could also hear the slight increase in breathing speed of the man next to me. I raised my head to look at the couple performing in the dark. Surely they knew we were both awake; me from the book light attached to the clipboard, he from the glow of his computer screen. It did not seem to matter to them and in fact, it appeared they enjoyed the opportunity. When the girl noticed my eyes looking in her direction she became even bolder, extending the tip of her tongue to slowly tease the nape of her lover's neck.

I found it intriguing that the man next to me seemed to be leaning near me. I could almost feel the warmth of his body; a few millimeters closer and our skin would be touching. I decided to turn my head towards him just for fun to see how easily he embarrassed. As I turned around, his eyes were there waiting for me. There wasn't even a hint of forbidden guilt. The same man who seemed to be unhinged by flying 30,000 feet in the air had no problem being in and around sexual situations - no matter how kinky they seemed. It's almost as if the sex had a calming affect on his body. His shoulders and his arms seemed so much more relaxed.

The girl across the isle quietly cleared her throat as if to say our eyes should be on her instead. The man my eyes were locked upon and I smiled at one another. As we turned our heads toward her I could feel the armrest disappear back into the seat and his hardened chest gently press into my back. Having been without a man's strong body against me for almost ten years, I took a breath quickly inward as the long-dormant feelings of sexual arousal took hold of my body. There was an electric current running through me and it was clear he was aware of it as he lowered his head behind mine. I could feel his warm breath on my bare shoulder.

Once the girl was sure she had both our attention she proceeded to slowly undress the man beside her. She began by gently brushing her lips against her lovers in an incredibly artistic way. I almost wished I hadn't packed my video camera in my big suitcase, for surely the brief butterfly touches used to arouse her boyfriend's interest deserved preserving for later viewing. As their lips teased one another she began to unbutton his shirt, sliding her hands under it once it was open hoping to incite our imagination as to what she was really doing to his chest.

As their kisses grew deeper and more passionate she slid the shirt off his shoulder and pushed it back into the seat to expose his tanned firm chest to us. Her lips trailed down his neck to his shoulder, then down to his nipple. While she leisurely teased it with her tongue, flicking back and forth to entice his body to squirm from pleasure, it wasn't until she took it between her teeth and slowly pulled it between them that I noticed my own breathing was much more noticeable. Not only was my body betraying me, but it seemed to be in rhythmic synch with my seat partner. He could see the goosebumps on my upper arm, me having dispatched my own shirt earlier. He raised his hand and allowed his fingertips to lightly touch them as he ran his hand up and down my arm. His boldness in this move without my consent only made them more prominent.

The girl across the isle became almost competitive as she proceeded, constantly keeping her eyes fixed upon us as she labored to please the man underneath her. She seemed a bit confused that she couldn't stir the man next to me to take further liberties with my body as she trailed her lips over her lover's chest, allowing her tongue to make serpentine passes from left to right. When she got to his belt buckle, she checked once again to ensure she had our full attention. It wasn't until she was sure we were totally engaged and accepting of the next step that she began to undo the buckle and slowly unzip his pants.

As her boyfriend lifted himself up to allow the pants to be pulled down to his knees, exposing his strong thighs, I felt strong fingers slide along my side and make a home across my abdomen at my hips. I could not keep my body from involuntarily responding. I began to gently shake from touch of his hands - from the anticipation of the girl's mouth teasing her lover's hard cock. I took the clipboard full of paper and tried to shove it in the seat pocket in front of me, but it wasn't happening. The man beside me lifted his hand from my body and took the clipboard from me, laying it across the keyboard of his laptop. As he returned his hand to my body, I could feel him stretching his fingers so the span of his hand was across me. His thumb was dangerously close to my breast and would I have moved even the slightest, he would have been touching it. It was almost as if he was teasing the girl performing in front of us.

She smiled at us as she lowered her mouth to her boyfriend's straining hardness. With her tongue she tickled the tip of his cock, licking the small drops of pre-cum from it and causing it to jerk. Then she slowly swirled the tip of her tongue around the head until she got to the rim where she focused her attention for several seconds all the while looking directly at us. She broke her gaze only long enough to trail her tongue up and down the sides of his long, hard cock and I was beginning to envy the sensations she must have been feeling with the pulsating madness at her control. It was then I felt a strong arm wrap itself around my ribcage and pull my whole body into his. I could feel his equally strong legs behind mine, the stiffness of his own growing hard on from beneath the thick denim.

As I moved my legs to get more comfortable I could hear the wetness between them. While I had always become way too lubricated with arousal as a young woman, I thought for sure age would diminish that part of my sexuality. Not only was it clear to me that this was not the case, but the man who was holding my body against me moaned softly when he heard it. He moved his head against mine as if to catch the scent. This time I felt his right arm come around my ribs as his left hand trailed its way down to my knee right at the hem of my skirt. He could feel my body go rigid in fear as he touched the fabric and rested his hand along the inside of my leg below it.

As I caught my breath again, the girl smiled at me and proceeded to take her lover's hard cock into her mouth, slowly devouring it's length down the back of her throat. As she came back up on it, I could tell her tongue had begun to swirl around it even though her lips covered it up. It was one of my favorite techniques when pleasing a man and I began to long for a hard cock of my own to tease.

She repeated the up and down motion until her man's hips began pushing against her mouth. They were trying their not to awaken the passengers around them, least they be caught and thrown off. Unfortunately, there is only so much masking of noise you can do when lavishing your man's cock with pleasure. She began to play with just the head of it, pulling on it until the rim popped out of her mouth again and again. Then she flicked her tongue along the bottom of the rim where one of the most sensitive spots are, back and forth until her lover moaned just a little too loud and forcefully pulled her on top of him.

As I heard him enter her wetness, I could stand no more. I moved my body against the man behind me, rubbing against his very hard member. Upon feeling my body grind into his he slowly tested the waters again along my thigh. This time I allowed my legs to fall apart so that his strong hand had room to play. It was at this time the girl's boyfriend first turned his head our way, his eyes carefully trained on the hand beginning to explore. Without breaking his gaze, he raised his hands to his girlfriend's breasts and began to rub her hard nipples until she arched her back in pleasure as she very slowly rode up and down on his cock.

As the girl unbuttoned her shirt I felt familiar fingers go further up my thigh and my own body began to strain and arch in pleasure. There wasn't an ounce of nervousness in the man behind me. He stroked his fingers up and down the inside of my thigh, never getting close enough to my wet pussy to feel how hungry I was for him, instead choosing to tease me into a frenzy. It wasn't until the girl across the isle pulled her shirt down around her shoulders to expose her bouncing breasts and hard nipples that he moved his fingers into the wetness my pussy had created for him. I heard him gasp and felt his hard cock jerk against me again and again as he pushed his fingers into the folds in search of my clit. The couple across the isle could see how wet I was and the noise created as he slid his fingers up against me was a clear indicator of how aroused I had become by these complete strangers.

My mouth opened into a circle as his fingers first ran over my clit and then my body bucked hard. The man across the isle saw this and took one of his lovers nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and pulling on it with his teeth as she rode up and down on him. I felt the fingers of the right hand of my partner find my own nipple as he proceeded to pull on it through the flimsy silk of my camisole.

The man across the isle took both his woman's breasts in his hands, squeezing them together and flicking his tongue back from one to the other again and again. As she moaned, I felt my partner's hand come from between my legs covered with my excitement. He raised his hand to his mouth and sucked his first two fingers clean. Wishing nothing more than for him to return his hand to my throbbing clit, I gently grabbed hold of his wrist and lowered his hand to my mouth slowly putting the remaining two fingers in as I closed my eyes in pleasure at the taste of my own juices.

As if being challenged, the couple across the isle both lowered their hands between her legs, but instead of just one hand, they offered each other their hands to suck their warm juices from. It was at this time that I could no longer stand the ministrations of my partner's gentle fingers between my legs and on my breast. I threw back my head and allowed my body to succumb to the rages of the warm tingles running up and down it. I had always been multi-orgasmic and came very easily. As my body bucked, my partner held his fingers firmly against my clit making the intensity of the orgasm even worse.

Upon seeing me orgasm, the couple across the isle quickened their intensity to full completion. As her body collapsed on top of his, my partner drove his fingers deep into my pussy and then curved them upward, making perfect contact with my g-spot. My body spasmed violently and I felt his right hand clamp against my mouth as I started to shriek. I would have feared for the damage I was doing to his cock slamming against it so hard, had my head not been so far into the ethers I didn't know if I was conscious or had passed out. My body shook a few more times as he rubbed hard against my g-spot again and again with a maniacal need to be in complete control of my pleasure, his hand becoming wetter and wetter with each orgasm.

The couple across the isle was transfixed on this odd scene, which could have very easily been misconstrued as rape with the force he was holding my body down with. When he could tell I was becoming completely exhausted, he pulled his fingers from me. I was in no condition to reciprocate as I could barely breathe, much less wrap my lips around what was clearly a long, hard cock - something I hadn't done in over a decade.

As I was waiting for my body to stop bucking from the deeply intense waves of pleasure washing over it again and again, the man holding me and the man across the isle seemed to have a silent conversation. It was clear the man who's grip I was in had not planned for a sexual encounter before arriving in Singapore. He must have looked bewildered as I saw the girl reach over to her purse to pull something out. A small wrapped square was tossed across the isle and as I felt it land on my writhing stomach I could tell I wasn't at the end of my journey.

I felt the hand around my mouth loosen and disappear and I heard the condom wrapper being torn open. I would have protested had I the strength to speak. With the pleasurable electric impulses flooding my body and an innate need to be fucked by this man who had just made me cum several times I could barely struggle. I felt his zipper come down behind me, his hard cock thrilled to be released and one hand quickly roll the condom down around his throbbing member. He then pulled my skirt up around my hips, my unshaven pussy exposed for the couple across the isle to clearly inspect and pulled me up high enough for his throbbing cock to enter me.

He slid seamlessly into me and once sure all the parts were in the right place proceeded to fuck me deeper and harder than I remember ever being fucked before. It didn't help matters that my body had been yearning for 10 years to be touched this way, my cunt clamped with deadly force around his hard cock. I could see the couple across the isle transfixed on the place where his hard cock and my wet pussy met as I slid up and down on him. Unfortunately, the length and width of his hardness was perfectly matched to my body and as he slid into a perfect rhythm I could feel the pressure against my g-spot once again. Exhausted from coming too many times my body uncontrollably moaned in pleasure. I felt his hand once again return to clamp over my mouth, while his arm had me clamped against his body.

He spent the next five minutes playing me like a piano, driving me to a crescendo again and again as my spent body reacted violently to the pleasure being heaped on it. At the apex of multiple orgasm I felt something emotionally rip apart inside of my soul. I had never been so exposed to the world, yet so addicted to the feeling of climaxing. Tears started to pour from my eyes and I almost passed out as my body bucked violently one last time. I heard a groan come from his lips as he released, the condom restricting his hot cum inside me.

As he removed his hand from my mouth he wiped away the tears from my cheeks and began to trail soft kisses over them. My body relaxed even though I could still feel his hard cock jerking every now and again inside of me. I knew we needed to get the condom off before he started to go limp, but I was too exhausted to move. The couple across from us had pulled a blanket over themselves and were gently cooing and kissing one another. I remember feeling a blanket cover me up as he carefully pulled out of my body to ensure the condom could be properly taken care of. He pulled his pants up, moved his computer and my clipboard out of the way and got up from his seat.

A few minutes later I awoke to the feel of a warm, damp cloth wiping my spent, wet pussy clean. When he was sure there were no tell-tale signs left, he took a small hand towel and dried me off, pulling my skirt back down around my thighs. I felt him leave again and heard him thank the stewardess for something - I suppose for the washcloth and towel. When he returned, he took his seat, pulled me near him and put his own blanket over himself.

I remember being awoken by the Captain's voice. I'm not sure what he said, but I could smell breakfast coming from the galley. The man I had made love to the night before was wide awake and back on his computer. When he saw my eyes open, he winked at me which made me blush. I wrapped the blanket around me and tried to stand up, almost falling over. As I tried to catch my balance the guy across the isle jumped up to assist me. He smiled at me with what appeared to be a wisdom well advanced of his physical years. I thanked him and reached into my take-on luggage for some new clothing hoping to wash up and change in the restroom.

Upon my return to my seat, I was amazed at how kind my seat partner was. The off-balance, chatty man who was clearly bothered by being in a plane was now relaxed and confident and somewhat nurturing. As I sat down he looked at me with a wistful gaze, smiled and returned to his work. The sex from the night before had been amazing, but I wasn't sure I was ready to jump back into the scene with both feet yet. The night before was a fantasy - not one I had ever dreamed of, but one of those "right time, right place" occurrences that you couldn't repeat if you tried.

I found out the younger couple beside us were Claudia and Josef. They were from the Netherlands, a place that doesn't frown on sexual exploration. Although we had lengthy conversations while flying the night before it wasn't until we all introduced ourselves that I found out my seat mate's name was Pete. In a quieter moment I found out he was recuperating from a relationship that ended badly over a year ago. He had been shying away from women since then and seemed to be incredibly introspective about why I had broken him from that spell.

Perhaps something in both of us knew we were in the same predicament. Perhaps that knowing is what allowed us to bare ourselves to one another physically and emotionally. Perhaps it was just the law of attraction bringing one incredibly intense, passion person to another - I'll never know. I do know we spent the rest of that week imbibing ourselves on one another in the city of Singapore. We made love to one another as if we had been doing it for years.

I asked him what made him act so impulsively the evening we first met. He told me he had been watching me all night, the way I moved my body, listened to what he said, the way I took food from my fork into my mouth, the way I laughed at his jokes. When he saw the sensuous way I tried to remove my shirt so no one would notice, he knew he had to have me - make SOME kind of physical connection.

Pete's meetings kept us from returning to the states on the same flight. As we kissed our last kisses on the concourse I apologized for taking him out of his comfort zone. It was important for both of us not to go too fast in this burgeoning relationship. "I really didn't mean to turn you on," I said. He placed his hands along my face and gave one last long, deep, passionate kiss good-bye. Now in the third year of our relationship, I often think about that chance meeting and the last words he said to me before I boarded the plane back home. "I'm really glad you did."

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sunny0 I love it...........thank you for sharing!
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that was a hot story.i remember that it was great!
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Great story.
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Beautiful story and beautifull written.

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