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Catherine. I would watch her every day, sitting across the room from me in class, ambiguously butch. When I first saw her, I honestly wondered whether she was a female-identifying young man, or if she was just a masculine female. Despite the fact that she claimed herself a lesbian, I could not be certain... How many men have I heard say they were lesbian? The only thing that even hinted at it was her small, pert breasts.


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As the hours we shared went by, I learned more, and my crush grew. I would watch her risk tears as she would tell stories of her life, reveal her tenderness, betray her butch exterior with a much softer strength... Listening to her would make me ache. Sometimes she would stand near me, presenting to the class, and she would look down at me with a sly smile that would raise the blush in my cheeks. I wanted to touch her so badly, and I knew somewhere she knew it.

I choose now to describe her... She was tall, about 5'10", with short shaggy light brown hair that hung into her hazel eyes. She had beautiful olive skin. I never could determine her ethnicity or origin, but either way it was gorgeous. I was in love with the darkness under her eyes that show her sleepless nights. Her smile was shy, a little crooked. She always wore wristbands, t-shirts just short enough to reveal the boxers artfully staged above her baggy khakis. Catherine and her bi-colored Chucks.

So one night, I got up my nerve and braved my anxieties to go see her band play a benefit for GLBT rights. I loved her activist side, it brought my own out. She was the lead singer, and the drummer, an incredibly sexy combination that spoke to the core of the musician in me. The singing was okay, but the passion was amazing, and by the end of the show I was liquid for her.

I watched her eating cookies, laughing with her band mates, and I felt too shy... But miraculously they left her there alone. My window. I silently walked up behind her, and gently slid the backs of my fingers down her arm. Instead of cringing, she turned to me slowly, looking up at me playfully, and I knew then that she had been waiting for me.

"Great show Catherine... I loved watching you play."

"Thanks!" She leaned close to me. "I was watching you watching me."

I breathed deeply, catching her scent, mixture of sweat and a delicious cologne. "And what were you thinking?"

"I was thinking I want to go somewhere with you..."

I slid my hand down to hers, her open palm accepting mine firmly.

"Let's go then."


We walked from the hall, stepping into the cool night. Hand in hand, we walked along the street without saying anything. I would glance at her, relishing the teasing smile on her lips, each glance bolstering my want for their taste.

I led her into the nearby sculpture garden, where I would oftentimes go to play guitar or write, to my favorite tree. The wind blew around us as I turned her to face me, lightly touching her cheek, feeling the blush there more than seeing it... I leaned in, stroking my fingers along her jaw as I brought my lips to gently rest on hers. Kissing her, such a dream, tasting the sugar left over from the cookies mingling with the ash of my last cigarette... My arms slid around her slender body, holding her firmly to my curves. Her artful fingers stroked along my bra, down my back, brushing along the top of my ass. Setting me afire.

She wore no bra herself. Her firm B cups were perfect for my hands to hold. My hunger made me bold, my hands sliding up her shirt to hold her soft skin, to stroke her nipples into delicious buds that soon begged my tongue. Catherine's hands stroked my neck as I leaned down to suck her breasts into my mouth, my tongue rolling against her as she moaned softly...

Flicking my tongue stud against her, I sort of picked her up a bit so to lay her down in the cold grass, her back arching at the feel of the blades against her spine. My mouth on one breast, my left hand on the other, I pressed my right hand against her smooth stomach, teasing her navel. I spread my fingers so the fingertips slipped inside her boxers. Her heat was palpable. I slipped my fingers deeper until they brushed against her trimmed pubic hair, she shivered under me, and pressed her thigh between mine.

Gently grinding my hips against her, I move up against and kiss her hungrily, undoing her khakis, then sliding my hand inside to cup her liquid heat. She lifted her hips against my palm, inadvertently bringing my middle finger between her lips, glancing off the hard bud of her clitoris, and I swallow her gasp as it fills my throat. I stroke her as she melts more and more, as she moans and rocks beneath me. My hungry hands pause to pull her khakis and boxers down to her knees. I look at her glorious sex, then into her shaded eyes.

Kissing down her body, licking and biting, I smell her melting and feel my own. She presses her knee hard into my warm spot and I moan against her rolling belly. Catherine's knee rocked me, and I selfishly stayed there for a few moments to grind as her fingers tweaked my hard nipples through my shirt.

I pulled her clothes down to her ankles, so now her whole backside is in the grass. I see the streetlights glancing off the liquid she's melted onto the green, and I sneaked beneath her bound ankles to lick the grass, to smell her, to run my nose along her slit. Quite soon after, I replaced my nose with my tongue, finally tasting her as she shuddered.

I pressed my face harder into her, finding the bud of her clitoris and nipping it with my lips and teeth. She butterflies her thighs, spreading her labia for me while i licked her. I suck her sweetness, then drop to lick her juices from her ass, and press my tongue inside of her. Her walls contract around my probing, and I can taste how close she is to cumming for me. Oh baby, I want you to cum for me...

Moving back, I suck her clit into my mouth as my fingers slide inside her, and I begin to fuck her as her bound ankles press her pants against my back. She moans, she bites her fingers to muffle herself as her body rises to meet me over and over. I press deeper, deeper, deeper, until she clenched my fingers so tight, orgasming into the grass and against my chin.

"God..." she whispers, as I slowly redress her. I know my sweet Catherine wants to return the favor but... I won't let her. I kiss her to share her taste.


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