First time wth another man   added 8 years ago    

  By: Clarkee

I have a fantasy about having sex with another guy. I'm not gay but would love to experience sex with a man.


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I sold my house last year, and while it was on the market I had a fantasy that a guy comes to look round it. He says he likes it, but his boyfriend will have to have a look before an offer can be made.
I'm interested. "Oh, are you gay?" I enquire.
"Yes", he replies, "Is that a problem?"
I fluster a little. "No, not at all. In fact I've often wondered what it would be like."
He meets my eyes. "Would you like to find out?" he asks.
My cock stiffens. "I'm not sure. Now?"
In reply he unzips his trousers and out flops his dick, also beginning to harden. The site of it is very arousing. "If you like."

I reach out and put my hand round it. It feels fantastic. He unbuttons my jeans, reaches in and pulls my cock out. He curls his fingers around it and begins to slowly pump it. I do the same. Our cocks are extremely hard now and I'm very turned on. We both moan as we wank each other off.

After a while he pulls us to the floor, positioning him one way and me the other. I know what's coming next. He takes my cock into his mouth, and pushes his own cock towards mine. I take it hungrily, just the head at first, getting used to the feel. I'm surprised how good it is - warm and hard, and it even tastes good. Before long I'm taking as much of his cock as I can, sucking and slurping his hard shaft, while he does the same to me. He starts to fuck my mouth, pushing his cock between my lips, and the feeling is so good that I start to think of him fucking my other hole, and my arsehole begins to tingle. As if he has read my mind, he takes my cock from his mouth.
"Have you got any vaseline?", he asks.
"No", I reply, "but there's some lube that came with my girlfriends vibrator." I leap up and go to get it.
"Bring the vibrator too" he says.

I bring the vibrator and lube down and he takes them. He pushes me down on my back and pushes my legs back. He then applies a decent quantity of the lube to my arse, rubbing my hole and then sliding a finger in and out of me. The feeling is amazing as his finger enters me, and it just gets better as he starts to suck my cock.

He then starts lubing up the vibrator. It's not as thick as the average cock but it's still quite wide to have going up your arse, so I prepare myself as he positions it at the entrance to my anus and then slowly pushes it in to me. There's enough lube so that it slides quite easily and before long I'm gasping and moaning as it slides in and out of me. Again he takes my cock in his mouth and moves his lips up and down over my shaft. The pleasure of having my arse fucked and my cock sucked at the same time is quite intense.
After a while he breaks off and asks, "Do you want to go on top? You can control how my cock enters you that way."
"No", I gasp, "From behind - fuck me from behind."

He pulls me up and takes me over to the table, pushing me over it. He pulls my cheeks apart and my arse is exposed. I can feel him looking at my hole, wet with lube and slightly open from the vibe. I can hear him applying the lubricant to his cock, and my heart starts pounding with anticipation. Then I feel something at the entrance to my hole - it's his fingers again. No - two fingers. He pushes them in and I sigh.

"God that's gorgeous", I moan. He start moving them in and out faster, twisting them in my arse as he does. I moan loudly and then reach down and start wanking my cock. Then his fingers are gone and suddenly there's his cock. He pushes it into me hard and fast and the feeling of my arse being stretched is incredible. He pushes it all the way in and leaves it there, letting me get used to the size of it.

"Is that ok?" he asks.
"Oh god yeah", I reply, "Fuck me with it". He doesn't need telling twice and begins fucking my arse, fast and with some vigour. I'm still wanking but he reaches round and takes my cock from me and starts rubbing it. I can't believe how good it feels and start pushing myself back onto his cock, getting as much of it into my arse as I can. I can feel my orgasm coming as he wanks me and start to buck faster, and then I hear him grunt "I'm coming". He let's out a groan and then unleashes his cum right into my arse. I feel his cock convulsing as he fills me up, and then I'm coming, his hand running over my shaft as I ejaculate.
"How was that?", he gasps.
"You can do that again", I reply.

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sex_nimphette    (2012-05-24 07:14:08)    Flag as inappropiate
god that story made me so wet
easypeasy    (2008-12-21 12:51:25)    Flag as inappropiate
Mmm, that was very hot! Nice, thank you! :)
midnighttwink    (2008-03-27 12:07:21)    Flag as inappropiate
midnighttwink You got me all worked up!
Danishguy    (2007-12-24 23:04:45)    Flag as inappropiate
waauu i got so horny reading this !
FrankBliss    (2007-12-24 16:16:10)    Flag as inappropiate
FrankBliss That was a Great Story! It got me Hard for sure! I don't have a house to sell, but in my fantasy the outcome would be the same!
gibb0    (2007-12-04 19:19:54)    Flag as inappropiate
god i wanna try that

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