The motel: A quiet interlude (continued from the bus pt. 3)   added 8 years ago    

  By: phil1796

We are all tired from riding the bus. In the morning you take a long hot shower to rejuvenate and relax. You still couldn't believe that so many people saw your naked body and your bright red ass. You start to touch yourself in the shower because just thinking about it makes your horny. You never knew you'd find someone that would make your fantasies real. You get wet thinking about not knowing what is going to happen next and slide two fingers deep inside yourslef.


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You let the shower pound and excite you clit as you begin to finger fuck yourself. It had been a few days since my cock was inside you are and you were missing it. Maybe master can spank me hard like before and fuck me at the same time. You cum at the thought of last nights pain mixed with the pleasure of having my dick in you. Just then Joy pulls the shower curtain back, You sound like you are having a good time! May I join you? Embarrassed, You mutter you were just done and she could have the shower.

OK lover, she chirps and grabs a handful of ass as you walk by her. As you towel off you see that she left the curtain open a little for you. You stop to admire her body as she touches herself. Bikini model quality except her boobs were too big for all the ones you see in magazines. And she seemed to be very interested in you. You are confused by the mixed signals coming from your mind and body. Hyper sexual from all the kinky fun you'd been having you to experience a womans touch. But your mind tells you it's wrong. In the end you decide to let your master decide for you. With that conflict gone and your body dry you pad over to the bed and curl up into me again. Wondering what wild sex will happen but just enjoying being held by strong arms. I kiss you and you drift back to sleep...

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Location: A hotel room | Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Share it only | Nature: Romantic