Horny and ready   added 8 years ago    

  By: bmanther

I had a pretty elaborate fantasy all typed up but a goddamn web browser issue fucked it up so let me get to the damn point


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I signed up for this account...because my job keeps me away from people for looong periods of time. I have enough pent up sexual frustration to kill an elephant (don't ask me how, it's a pretty disturbing process)


I need to get off. But for maximum potency, I would like HELP to get off. Maybe this post smacks of desperation (and hopefully that's a turn on for some of you)--I don't care. My lovingly crafted nostalgic fantasy got eaten by the damn internet and I'm not in the mood to beat around the bush.


I'm putting this out there--I'm black, pretty athletic built but with a decent amount of padding (not ripped, in other words), slightly hairy, and no gay experience. Not really interested in actual physical stuff or pictures--but the IDEA turns me on. I've been nursing a pretty intense boner for the last hour or so because of recollections of some cybering I did a long time ago with a dude and now it's gone and I'm out of patience and not gonna type it up again anytime soon, so if the idea of cybersex with a straightforward, intensely sexually frustrated, semi-exhibitionistic slightly submissive (I love being told what to do--not necessarily having things done to me) virgin interests you PM me! Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go beat off while reading some of these stories before I tear my laptop in half from blue balls


ladies are also welcome to apply but probably will get fed up with my lack of pretense

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