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  By: pliable

I started my new job a couple of months ago and immediately I was at loggerheads with my new boss. She was smart, sexy and strong, and didn\'t she know it!

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It all came to a head at a team meeting, I kept disagreeing with her, she kept telling me to shut up and it ended in a shouting match. \'You need training young man!\' she snapped, and walked out. None of the rest of the team would look me in the eye, could be my shortest job ever.


Later she came up to me at my desk, where I was trying to concentrate on work but not succeeding. \'Listen\' she said \'you\'ve got on the wrong side of me, and that\'s a bad place to be, lets go for drink later and clear the air\'. I didn\'t have much to lose so I agreed.


We met in the local pub and had a couple of drinks, she seemed to be a different person, not demanding at all, telling jokes, avoiding talking about work at all. As she laughed and brushed her hair back I was suddenly struck by how attractive she was. Suddenly I found it harder and harder to concentrate on what was being said, I was feeling very aroused. It was getting late so I thought I\'d head off home, watch some porn and have a wank. Just thinking about it got me hard, I hadn\'t felt this horny in ages.


She smiled at me and said \'I know a private club we could go to, have some time alone\'. This was a complete surprise to me, I didn\'t think the evening was headed this way at all, \'yes that\'s cool with me\' I stammered. We left the pub with me trying to disguise my half erect cock, and jumped into a cab. As we got in she squeezed my ass, and I knew this night could get very interesting indeed.


We arrived at the \'club\', a scruffy looking door in desolate alleyway. She knocked at the door and a bouncer type let us in. We walked straight through a bar with a few shifty looking people, down a corridor and into a small room closed by a curtain.


As soon as we walked in she turned and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue forced its way into my mouth and she grabbed by hair and wrenched my head to one side. \'I like it rough\'. Her hand grabbed at the top of my trousers and yanked at the top button, as it came loose she reached in and took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. I was very very hard and feeling ready to come. \'Not yet\' she said, then she pushed me away. I fell against the wall and sat heavily on the bench that ran around it.

She stood in front of me and smiled a delicious smile. Her hand disappeared down the front of her trousers and I could see her pleasuring herself. After a couple of minutes she pulled her hand out, and it glistened with her juices. She stepped forward and wiped her fingers over my face. I could smell her pussy, strong and sharp. \'Want to taste it?\' she growled, I nodded slightly and she rammed her fingers against my mouth. \'Open wide\', and her fingers were in my mouth and I could taste her juices, it was strong and salty, stronger than any pussy I\'d tasted before. \'You like that don\'t you boy!\'. I nodded again. She reached down with her other hand and started stroking my cock, then she removed her fingers from my mouth and her hand disappeared down her trousers again, shortly they were back in my mouth.


This continued, her masturbating my cock, slowly and surely with one hand, as the other hand kept feeding my juices from her pussy. She stared into my eyes and I started to lose awareness of anything else around me. All I could see was her eyes, all I could feel was her hand on my cock, all I could taste and smell was her pussy. The tempo increased slowly but surely, my feelings became more and more intense, I couldn\'t focus on anything else, she whispered down at me, \'your mine boy!\'. With a sudden twist of her hand I came. I came and came and came. My mind was blank with white noise, intense pleasure, and the smell of her pussy.


When I came to I was lying on the floor and I could see her boots inches from my face. \'You\'ve got cum on them\' she said, \'lick it off\', and she forced her boot into my face. Her voice went straight to the centre of my ego, I couldn\'t not do what she asked. I saw the slick, thick cum dripping off the side of her boot, and without really thinking I started to lick it off. \'Good boy\' she said.


As I started to gain some focus she moved her foot away. \'Sit up\' she said, so I did. She was now just wearing her boots and what looked like a leather bra. Her hand went to her pussy and then to my face. Instantly I was aroused and ready for pleasure. \'Uh uh, I don\'t think so!\' and she slapped my hard around the face. \'Take your clothes off and kneel on the floor\'. I did what she commanded as quickly as I could, for some reason the sound of her voice and the smell of her pussy left me completely powerless.


\'Would you like to lick my pussy\' she asked, \'Yes please\' I croaked, \'Yes mistress\' she snapped, \'Ssssorry\' I stammered and bent my head. \'Well you can\'t, and you never will\' she hissed, \'but I have something nearly as good\'. She poked her head through the curtain and I heard her shouting for Eric. Shortly a very stock man entered the room wearing just some leather trousers. \'This worm here would like to see what you\'ve got\' she said, and the man unzipped his fly and pulled out a huge cock. \'You\'d like to suck his dick, wouldn\'t you worm\', I shook my head this wasn\'t my thing at all.

\'Sorry worm but that\'s not an option\', she grabbed his cock and started to work it with her fingers, it quickly grew to a nine inch monster, she grabbed him, kissed him and mounted him in one smooth movement. He held her to him in his muscular arms as he pumped away for a few seconds, all the while she looked at me kneeling on the floor. She tapped his shoulder and he stopped, she dismounted and move to one side. The man turned to me and stepped forward, his long hard cock just a couple of centimetres from my face. And I could smell it, the strong pungent smell of her pussy, coating his manhood in a glistening film. The fragrance enveloped me, I had to taste it.

I shuffled forward on my knees and kissed the purple tip, the pushed forward and suddenly it was in my mouth. Hard, warm and salty, it smelt of her and felt right. Eric started pumping away, I realised she was kneeling next to me, looking at me with this mans cock in my mouth. \'Pleasure him for me\' she said, and grabbed the back of my hair, and started to move my head up and down his shaft. Her fingers moved under my nose as she wiped some of her juice there, and I started to move back to that zone of pleasure. I started to suck and lick, I played with his balls and stroked his cock against my face, I was actually enjoying it. She whispered in my ear \'enough sucking my little cock whore, time to receive\'.


I turned around and crouched on all fours. She squatted in front of me and looked deep in to my eyes. \'I want to see your first time\' she smirked\'. I felt the mans cock prod against my arsehole, it pushed harder, I felt my ring begin to expand, too much it started to hurt, and then suddenly it was in, and I felt the sensation of having a cock in my arse, and it felt good. She looked me in the eyes and smiled \'you like it don\'t you bitch?\', I nodded. The man started to pump slowly back and forth, as his cock pushed against my prostate there was pleasure matched against the pain of my stretched ring. His pace increased, and I felt suddenly very free. My mistress pushed her fingers coated with her pussy juice back into my mouth, and I sucked hard. \'Good boy\' she whispered, then she stood up and left.


I pleasured three more men that night, and at the next team meeting there were no more arguments, I was busy pleasing them to!

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