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  By: unknown

I was in luck, I had the house all to myself this weekend. My parents were
on a business trip out of state and my older half-sister was away at
college. I had never been alone all by myself for so long. This is great
for a 17 year-old like me. I could do anything I wanted!

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On my way home from school that Friday, I stopped by the convenience
store that my older friend worked at. He let me buy the newest Playboy
with the understanding that if I got caught with it, I wouldn't rat him

Early this Saturday morning my parents left on their flight. I just hung
around the house until they called letting me know they were at their
destination. I wanted to be sure that no one interrupted me. I went
upstairs and found some hand lotion of my Mother's. It was scented like
peach, but I didn't care. I also grabbed the box of tissues. I went to my
room and got out my Playboy that I had hidden behind some boxes on the
floor of my closet.

I wandered around the house with my items trying to decide on the perfect
spot. I tried th living room, but something about having a ground-floor
window right next to me made me too nervous to start, even though the
shades were shut. Next I tried the garage, but the floor was too cold and
hard. I wasn't even going to try the bathroom, because that's where I
usually jerked off and I wanted to try something new.

I decided on my on bedroom. I had never jerked it in my room before
because the lock was broken and I didn't want to risk my parents coming
in. It was perfect. Soft carpet, upstairs with no peeping neighbors able
to see in the windows and it was familiar to me.

I layed out the magazine and pulled off my shorts. I began rubbing myself
as I turned the pages. My cock got harder and harder as I turned each
page, looking at the blonde double-d breasted airbrushed models. Normally

I would get it over with as fast as possible, but this time I wanted to go
nice and slow.

I was staring at Miss July's amble bust when I heard a noise. SHIT! It was
the front door! Was it a robber? Had my parents laid out a careful trap to
see what I would do when I was alone? I tossed the lotion, tissues and
magazine under my bed and threw my shorts back on. As I ran out of my
room, I heard a familiar voice.

"Nick? Nick are you here?"

It was my sister! What was she doing back?

I ran to the top of the stairs and looked down. I was quickly startled.
She looked good. Really good.

She lost a lot of weight and had a gorgeous golden tan. And had her boobs
gotten bigger? They were stressing the fabric of her too-tight red polo
shirt. All of the buttons were undone showing off her deep cleavage. Her
nipples poked at the the shirt ever so slightly, just enough to see them.
A black lacey bra peeked out of the corners of the shirt. Her shirt was
too short and it showed her flat, smooth belly and her cute little innie

She was wearing light blue tennis shorts that hugged the
curves of her groin and butt. And what a butt. Not too big, but enough to
fill out the shorts in the back. Pink panties showed slightly over the top
of the shorts. My once-fading erection was starting to pop back. I could
feel the moistness of some precum left over from before against my cock.
Her long, blonde/brunette hair bobbed as she turned around.

"Kelly! What are you doing here? I thought you were at school?"

"Hey little bro!" (She always called me that.) "Mom and Dad didn't trust
you enough to leave you here all alone for a weekend, so they asked me to
come down and keep you from burning the place down."

"They never said anything to me about that. Why didn't you call and let me

"I thought you would rather be surprised. Besides, with me here, you'll
have someone to cook for you."

"Yeah, that's true. Well, I'm glad you're here. Do you need any help
bringing stuff in?"

"No. I just have this one suitcase. I'm going to go take a shower, though.
I didn't get one this morning because I slept too late."

"Okay, sounds good. I'll be in my room. Knock first, because I'm going
through some old clothes and I'll be trying things on."

"Okay. Do you smell peaches?"

I carried her suitcase upstairs to her old room and walked back to mine.

Damn, I'm so horny and I want to finish what I started earlier, but with
her here, I'm not going to be able to go as slow as I wanted. Maybe I can
get up during the night and do it my may. I peeked my head out the door
and watched her walk down the hall to the bathroom and close the door. I
waited until I heard the water go on, then I shut my door. I pulled all of
my wank material back out and started over. My erection came back quick
and I was going to town.

What's that? Footsteps? No, the water's still running. What could...

"Hey, Little Bro! Do you know where the shampoo..."

All at once, time seemed to slow down. She was opening the door, I was
scrambling up off of the floor trying to make it to the door.

"Is? I can't find... Uhh."

She was standing in the doorway. She could see everything. The tissues
scattered about. The lotion bottle laying on it's side. The Playboy with
the centerfold fully extended. And Me, With my fully erect cock hanging
out of my shorts.

"Nick, what the hell?"

"Uh, I can explain this."

"Nick. Your penis is looking at me."

Her eyes were fixated on it. I don't even think she saw the other stuff.
She was zeroed in right on my cock.

"Oh, sorry." I tried to stuff it back in but it was so hard that I was
having trouble getting it back in.

"What were you doing?"


That's when she took in the rest of my room.

"It's not what you think!"

"Really? Because I think my little brother was jacking it. What other
reason could there be?"


"And Playboy? What your computer doesn't connect to the Internet?"

"Well, I..."

"Mom's peach hand lotion? Is that what I smelled earlier?"

"Yeah, uhh..."

"Oh, my God. When I came home, I interrupted you, didn't I?"

"Yeah, sorta."

"And I did it again just now, too?"


Her face dropped from a half-smile, half-look-of-disgust to a look of

"I am so sorry! I didn't mean to! I tell you what, finish."



"Right now?"

"Yeah. Get down on the floor and finish. Right now."

"With you standing there?"

"Yeah. I want to watch you. I've never seen a man masturbate before, and I
feel bad for you."


"Yeah. And maybe I could provide a little inspiration?"

She loosened the belt of her pink robe and let it hang open in front of
me. She was wearing the black lacey bra and the pink panties that were
peeking out of her clothes earlier. The bra wasn't totally lacey, just a
decoration around the edges. It was cotton and semi-transparent. I could
see the dark out lines of her areola showing through the fabric. Her
nipples were half-erect and poking at me. The panties were light pink with
a cartoon cat under a shower with a little word bubble saying "I'm a
little wet pussy!" And it was. I could see a very faint wet spot forming.
She took the robe off and tossed it to the side.

She pushed the hair out of her eyes and squatted down on the ground. "Come
on, sit. Please?", she beckoned.

I undid my shorts and and sat on the ground. My cock was so hard that it
actually hurt a little.

"What do you want me to do?", she asked.

"Uhh, just sit there, I guess."

I started stroking my cock as she sat watching. I eyed her up and down.

She was sitting with her legs under her leaning forward. He crotch sat a
few inches above the floor. I could make out the bulge of her labia. She
had her hands on her knees. She was squeezing her breasts together as she
leaned forward. She would occasionally brush some hair out of her eyes.

"I think you're doing it wrong.", she said.

"What do you mean?"

"You're just going up and down. You should twist a little bit as you go up
and squeeze the head as you go back down."

"How do you know so much about this?"

"I did have a boyfriend, genius."


"Yeah, we broke up about a month ago. But, here, let me show you."

She took the lotion and squirted some in her right hand. With her left
hand she pushed me gently back a little.

"Watch how I do it."

She wrapped her hand around my rock-hard cock. I twitched. No one besides
me had ever touched me down there. It was a totally alien sensation. She
slid her hand up and as she went, she twisted her hand around the shaft
gently. When she got to the to, she squeezed harder around the head and
slid back down.

Something just wasn't right about this.

I pushed her back. "No! Wait! I don't know about this."

"What do you mean?"

"You're my sister. We can't do this."

"Half-sister. And why not?"

"I don't... I don't know. I just think..."

I went to get up.

"NO!" She pounced on me and pushed me back to the floor. She had my
shoulders pinned down. She was straddling me with her legs. Her hair hung
down around my face. She lowered her body closer to mine. I could smell
her perfume. Her crotch was just inches above mine.

"Please.", she pleaded. "I never did much for you when you were younger.
Let me do this."

She lowered her chest down to mine, her breasts pressed against my chest.
She kissed me. No girl had ever kissed me. She pulled her head up,
repositioned it and kissed me again, this time slipping her tounge in.

My cock twitched and jumped up, hitting her in the crotch a couple of
times. She pulled her head back and sat up, still kneeling over me.

"Was that you knocking at my door just now?", she asked with a coy little

She pulled back her panties (I caught a glimpse of her wispy pubic hair)
and slid my cock inside of them. My cock went up the leg hole and poked
through the top of the waistband. I could feel her pussy pressed up
against my shaft. The bottom of her pussy touched my balls. She began
rubbing herself up and down the length of my cock. Her pussy juices
lubricating us as she went.

"How does that feel?"

"Warm. Wet. Good."

"You like it?"

"Yes. Very much."

"Hang on a second."

She pulled herself off and stood up. She straitened her panties and walked
to my door. She looked over her shoulder at me. "Wait here." She walked

I folded my arms under my head and stared at the ceiling.

"This has been a pretty good day."

She came back in with a small box and kneeled down next to me. I propped
myself up on me elbows.

"Remember how I said I broke up with my boyfriend?"


"Well, it was because he wanted to have sex with me."


She sighed and looked away from me.

"I'm still a virgin. Actually, the only one in my class."

"But, then how did you know that stuff about rubbing my cock."

"Well I gave him handjobs and once a blowjob, but I didn't swallow. And
once I let him rub his cock between my boobs. I never let him cum on me. I
always made him do it into those little disposable bathroom cups or some

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I guess I didn't think of him like that."

"How did you two break up?"

"One night he came over and said that if I didn't have sex with him, he
would break up with me. I refused and he got mad. He grabbed me and took
me into my room. He was getting ready to rape me. But just then, my
roommate came in and he ran away."

"Wow. I'm sorry."

"No, It's okay. He was drunk and on his way back home a cop stopped him
and arrested him for DUI. But he left these at my apartment."

She showed me the box. It was a box of condoms.

"I was going to leave these here for you. I figured that your getting to
that age and you would be needing them."

"Thanks, but I could buy my own condoms."

"Well, there's no time right now."

"What do you mean?"

"I want you to put one on and use it on me."

"But, I thought you said no sex. And your still a virgin. I can't take
that away from you."

"The way I see it, I'll lose it only to someone I love. I love you, so I
want it to be you."

"Are you sure?"

"Lay down."

She opened the box up and took a condom out and unwrapped it. She took
hold of my cock and slipped the condom on. It only went about 3/4 of the
way down my cock and was a little tight.

"Huh, I guess you aren't my 'little' brother after all."

She reached back and undid her bra. Her breasts were perfectly formed with
small, dark nipples that were fully erect. She slipped he panties off.
They stuck a little bit to her wet vagina. Her region glistened with her
pussy juices mixed with my precum, matting down her light, wispy, neatly
shaved-in-the-shape-of-a-heart hair.

She straddled me and took hold of my cock. "Here goes."

She slid my cock inside of her as she lowered herself down. She moaned a
little and had her eyes closed. She leaned forward so that her nipples
just barely touched mine and began to grind on me. I reached up and
grabbed her tight little butt and helped her move on me, guiding her
movements. I slid me hands up to her pert breasts and began toying with
her nipples. She moaned and started grinding harder.

She leaned on and started licking and kissing me all over my chest, neck, and face. I kissed
her all over her face and neck. We locked our mouths together. We sucked
on each others lips then begane exploring each others mouths with our
tounges. I began to thrust harder, this made he sharply pull her head
back and arch her back. She was moaning in absolute please. I raised my
head up and began sucking on her breasts, gently biting her nipples.
Fluids dripped down my balls.

She looked down at me and through gritted teeth commanded, "Harder. Fuck
me harder."

We rolled over so that I was now on top. I went as deep as I could. Long,
powerful thrusts. All the way to my balls. She had her eyes closed and was
grabbing her breasts. She threw her hands down and dug her nails into the
carpet. With each thrust her boobs would move with the motion. My nutsack
was slapping against her butthole.

She reached up, grabbed my arms and pulled herself closer. "I'm going to
cum! This is it! I'm so close! Harder! Deeper! Ohhhhh! Here it is!"

Her whole body shook. Her face down to her chest where bright red. Her
pussy pulsated around my cock. He let out a moan and then a scream.

"This is it for me too! I'm going to cum!"

"Pull out! Take the condom off! I want you to cover me in your hot cum!
All over me!"

I quickly pulled out and yanked the condom off. I never came so much in my
life. Thick, hot white cum covered her. From her pussy, all the way to her
face. It pooled in her bellybutton and dripped down her tits. It ran down
around her pussy, down to her butt. She began rubbing it in to her
breasts. She scooped it out of her bellybutton and sucked it off of her

"Give me your cock. I want to clean you off."

I moved up and dipped my cock into her mouth. She greedily sucked and lick
ed all of the cum, pussy juices and sweat off of my cock and balls.
I collapsed on the ground next to her and we both stared at the ceiling
for a while. She rolled over and crossed her arms on my chest and rested
her head on them. She crossed her leg over mine and began rubbing her
pussy against my leg.

"I think I was looking for the shampoo. I could really use that shower

"Yeah, me too. Need some company?"

"I'd love some."

We walked down th hall to bathroom and stepped into the still-running
shower. She showed me her back and I soaped her up and she did the same
for me. I washed her hair and let her wash mine. We would sometimes press
our bodies against each other. I'd let my cock hang down her asscrack as a
I washed her boobs from behind. Shed press her boobs against my back and
pussy-hugged my leg as she was my man parts from behind.

We got out and dried each other off. She was drying off my cock when she
said, "Hmm, looks like your cock is still dirty."

"I guess you didn't scrub hard enough."

"I can fix that."

She put my limb penis in her mouth and began running her teeth down it. As
I got harder, she applied th same technique that she used during her
handjob on me, but this time with her mouth. She cupped my balls with her
hand and tickled my butthole with her index finger.

"Do you want me pull out when I need to cum?"

"No. I want to swallow it all."

"Do you want me to let you know when I'm going to cum?"

"No. Surprise me."

She kept sucking and tickling until I came. As soon as she noticed I was
cumming, she pulled back a little and opened her mouth wide. She took it
all in and swallowed it in one gulp. She went back and licke the remainig
cum off of my tip and suck the rest out of my shaft.

We spent the night naked together in bed. She was curled up holding me
tight with her legs wrapped around mine. We spent the next day going at it
like rabbits all over the house in all positions.

Sunday night, my parents came home. My Dad mentioned that his meeting was
successful, but that it meant that he and Mom was going to be going out of
town more often, sometimes for weeks at a time.

My Mom asked Kelly if it was alright with her to come into town to more
often to stay with me.

"It's alright with me. In fact, I was planning on coming here more
often.", she replied.

"Yeah, and I was planning on going to stay with her every now and then at
her school so I can get used to the college life.", I added.

"Hmm, sound like there will be a lot of coming and going around here
now.", said my mom.

"Yeah, lots of 'cumming' and going.", Kelly answered with a wink at me.

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anonimusrick    (2011-04-30 09:19:51)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick You. you're half- sis, and her roommate when you visit her?
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Will you write more of this?
Soohard08    (2008-12-08 17:04:52)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Great story!!! I hope you got more fun with your half-sister....
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You sick pervert - great story :)
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CanadianCasanova Great story!
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EroticSammy I can relate to this one
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dobby love the story. Its great
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dobby love the story. Its great
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dobby love the story. Its great
Swordfish    (2007-12-19 06:36:42)    Flag as inappropiate
very nice story
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stokely wow this is insanely good

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