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  By: Sihlance

He walks in and kicks back , just like every other day, but this time he leans back and I see his head role to the side. His window is open a little , like always, to vent the hot air from the day. The summer heat came early this year. His soft moans float through the cracked window and I lean closer to listen. I cant see but his head keeps bobbing forward and I realize he has his dick in his hand and he's dribbling saliva over it. It must be alot cause the sound of his sex slipping past his wet fingers is loud enough to hear.


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The houses in the neighborhood were close. From five feet away standing behind my curtains I listen to his moans and the slick sound of him jerking his sensitive flesh. Faster now I can hear his breath laboring and his voice growing louder. I dont even remember reaching down butmy fingers are wet and gliding over my plump lips to match his pace. Oh god I want to see him cum. I fight my response to him , fight to not scream out my frustration. He is close I know. I can hear his feet kicking lightly on his wood floor.

"No" I dont mean to speak but the word slips from my lips. My show is about to end and I'm need more time. He stands and I get my first good look at his fat cock. Oh fuck he is so hard and slick. My eye's are glued to his hand as it fly's faster over his tip. My curtain has moved and he can see me watching. OH GOD he knows. He stands on his couch and places one palm on the warm glass. His legs spread apart he throws his head back and shoots his cum all over the window. He's so loud and god theres so much. I scream with him and fall back into the shadows.

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