Sunday - the day of rest?   added 8 years ago    


The day was Sunday and i had to run some of my work sheets to


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The Naughty Meter

the office so they could be processed the next day. Ususally

theres nobody in the office on Sundays so id stop off to catch

up any work. As i parked in the car park i noticed another

car. I didnt recognise it, as i usually visit office only

twice a week. I continued on and walked to the main door and

unlocked it. I walked inside and as i enter the reception area

i noticed the office door was shut. I walked over and slowly

open the door - to my shock i found Fran, one of the senior

workers sitting behind the large desk. She looked quite

embarrassed to see me as her face blushed. 'Is everything ok?'

i asked. 'Oh yes, everything is fine, i was just finishing up

some work thats all' Fran replied. 'Well you dont mind if join

you, do you?' I asked, 'Not at all' Fran responded.

Id heared some stories of Fran although i had only met her on

a few occasions - from what i could gather from other

collegues she loved sex, especially with younger men like

myself. She was about 43 but had settled down with a man for a

while now so i joined her happily. I sat at the opposite end

of the table and started talking. I was slowly taking off

excess clothes like my coat, hat etc. when i noticed Fran

looking around. 'What are you looking for?' i asked. Fran

replied 'My pen, i think it might have fallen off the desk -

your younger than me, could you climb under the table to get

it for me?' 'Of coures' i replied and at that moment i climb

off my chair and on all fours I crawled under the table.

I couldnt believe what i could see - Fran had quite a short

skirt on which she had clearly pulled up a little before i got

here. As i look a little closer i could see that she had no

underwear on and her pussy was dripping wet! I suddenly

realise that i had walked in on her masturbating, no wonder

she was flushed! 'Can you see it?' Fran called out, 'See

what?' i asked. 'The pen of course?' she said. I knew this was

a ploy to try and seduce me so i decided to play with her a

little. I popped up from under the desk with her pen: 'Here it

is' i said, without a single give away of knowing what she was

doing. She smiled nervously and said 'thanks'

I sat there for a little while, watching what Fran was doing,

making sure that she couldnt move from her seat knowing that

she was rather dissapointed that her idea had failed. I could

see the impatience in her eyes, i half expected her to dive

over the desk screaming for me to fuck her! I started talking

about my night out before and how i was trying to seduce a

girl, going into some extensive detail. I could see the

tension building inside of her - she was biting her lip but I

knew she couldnt give the game away incase i simply wasnt

interested but little did she know that it was all interest -

i was buidling her up bit by bit.

I looked accross and commented how good she looked today, as i

used my elbow to hit over my pen. 'Oop's, must be contagious!'

I giggled and as i climb out of my seat onto the floor again i

started to crawl accross to Fran under the desk. She had no

idea i could see her holding her thights together and re-

opening them to try and stay composed. I waited for her to

open them again and i buried my tongue into her pussy. She

almost came out of her seat with pleasure as she let out a

moan. She grabbed my head under the desk and pulled my face

into her pussy, it was flowing with juices! Her pussy tasted

so good i could have stay under there all day. Fran was

bucking her hips into my face as my tongue slowly caress the

in's and out's of her pussy. I could hear her nails diggin

into the desk with pleasure as she moaned, 'come up here' she

said and i push her chair backwards and slowly climb her body

unbuttoning her blouse. I kissed her body once for every

button until they were all undone and i had her huge breasts

in front of me. I passionately kissed her whilst my hands

removed her blouse. She stood up and pushed me onto the table

then took of her bra to reveal those big tits, i wasted no

time and started to suck her nipples. 'My turn' Fran said as

she drop down to her knees and started rubbing my cock, in all

the excitment i was already hard. Fran unbutton my jeans and

pull my dick from my boxershorts and started to suck deep. She

swallowed the entire of my dick and it felt so good. Slowly up

and down she sucked i could feel pre-come running out of the

tip and casuing a string to her lips everytime she come back

up. We both removed all our clothes and climb onto the large

desk in a 69 position. Now and then Fran would sit up and just

ride my face for a while, i could tell that she hadnt had her

pussy eaten this good in a while!

Fran eventually stood above me, looked down and said: 'im

gonna ride your cock till you come inside me!' She then slowly

lowered her hips over my hard cock, not quite penertrating but

just so it rubbed her slit, she was still soaking wet. Then

she took my cock in her hand and glide it into her pussy and

started to ride. For and older women she sure could move, her

hips bucking were driving my cock crazy i was so hard and she

knew it! Fran put her hands on my chest and dug her nails into

me - i have quite a high threshold of pain but this just

seemed to put me into overdrive, i sat up and kissed her again

and as i pull away i told her to stand up and bend over the

table. I climbed off the table and walked around to see her

back arched, pussy on display and still dripping! I spanked

her and asked: 'how do you want it? fast and hard, slow and

deep? tell me...' to which Fran replied - 'fuck my ass!'

I stood for a moment and thought id never done anal before so

here was my chance! I spanked her again, 'you are a dirty

girl' i remarked and she turned to me, smiled and said: 'the

dirtiest around...' and with that i suck my index finger and

penertrate her ass with it, as i did Fran let out a big moan -

i could feel her ass contracting around my finger so i worked

on a second. When i felt she was comfortable enough i let a

bit of spit drop from my mouth right into her ass-hole. I held

my dick and slowly started to penertrate her ass. It was so

tight, unlike anything else i had ever fucked before. Then as

i got the head of my cock in, the shaft followed with ease -

Fran was overcome with the moment and screaming with pleasure

as i started to fuck her arse. Slowly and deeply as i started

to move up the pace - with the occassional spank now and then.

I grabbed her hips and was fucking her ass as hard and fast as

i could go. I could tell she was loving every second of it so

i used one of my hands to start runbbing her pussy. Within

seconds she exclaimed: 'Im gonna come!' so i rubbed her pussy

faster and harder. Fran raised one of her legs onto a nearby

chair and scream: 'here it comes...' and with that her pussy

started to gush - id never seen a women come so hard! She

looked back at me, face red with heat - 'keep going!' she said

so i took my dick out of her ass and stood Fran right in front

of me and started to kiss her. As we stood close i could feel

my dick between her legs and come was still dripping from her

pussy onto my cock so i got down on my knees to lick it dry.

Fran took my head and pulled it into her pussy again, i could

feel her twitching with excitment. I stood up and push Fran to

a nearby wall, i took one of her legs in my hand and use my

other to guide my dick back into her pussy. At this point Fran

was almost helpless, it seemed that all she could do was moan

with pleasure as i started to fuck her pussy again. It wasnt

long before i could feel that i was gonna come, i looked into

Frans eyes and told her, 'im gonna come...hard!' to which Fran

replied: 'Come inside me, fuck me against this wall until you

come!' so i started fucking hard and within seconds i knew i

was about to blow and then like a bullet out of a gun i came,

not like my usual come it felt like i had come an entire pint!

Frans head drop back onto the wall, 'Oh my God that was so

good and so warm!' she said. Completely out of breath i looked

at Fran and kissed her again, i slowly took my come soaked

dick out of her pussy and straight away Fran got onto her

knees to suck it all off. 'Its so warm and good' she

exclaimed. She didnt leave a drop!

Eventually we started to dress, there was such a mess on the

desk and floor where items had just been tossed aside so we

quickly clean up. There wasnt much to say after all that had

gone on, its like we both understood each other without any

words. As we finished clearing and locking up the office we

both walked to the cars and before we part ways Fran kissed me

passionately and rubbed my cock - 'keep up the good work, il

see you next time' and she walked away to her car so i sat in

mine. I lit a cigerette and sat there for a moment, i looked

across and Fran blew a kiss as she left. I could feel blood

coarsing back into my cock, it was as if i could go for it

again! So finally i decided to start the engine and drive

home, i decided then that i would certainly be spending more

time in the office!

Hope you enjoy - any comments feel free to let me know. Thanks for taking the time.

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BOAGRIAS    (2007-11-23 20:58:14)    Flag as inappropiate
BOAGRIAS Ha ha ha, thanks guys - appreciate the feedback, il keep them coming - maybe il do a Christmas special with the turkey lol

Give me a few weeks il add summit new, cheers again
wisteria    (2007-11-21 12:43:10)    Flag as inappropiate
Well done young man ...keep writing'll have the women wild!! Enjoyed this a little too much!!!!!
cassiandtim    (2007-11-20 13:24:55)    Flag as inappropiate
wow that is nice more please

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