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  By: Ready_and_willing

This is my first go at this, so be kind…


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Some of my fantasies revolve around control, but not always in the traditional meaning of the word. It’s less about aggression and force, and more about being with a caring partner who, while in control, only wants what’s best for you.

The idea of meeting a perfect authoritative partner who knows what I want even before I do is a common feature in many of my fantasies.

I imagine being slowly striped of all my clothes, before being carefully lowered onto my bed. You take your time to make sure I’m comfortable before beginning your slow sensual exploration of my body. Starting at my lips you kiss your way downwards all the way to my navel. You then move on to caressing and slowly stroking every inch of body. Every time I try to move, or get up, to reciprocate and show my affection for you, you softly and calmly tell me to relax and let you take care of everything. Continuing your sensuous teasing of my body, you begin to focus your attention more and more on my groin. Rubbing and tickling on either side of my cock you can see the pleasure on my face, and feel the warmth radiating from my body.

You slowly and carefully caress, stroke, lick, suck, and kiss my cock for what seems an eternity. Sensing the pressure building deep within me, you rock me onto my side, providing you access to my pale backside for the first time. Continuing your slow manipulation of my cock, the fingers on your other hand, strangely cold and slippery, start tickling and prodding my now quivering hole. I try to communicate, but the words just won’t come out. I’m not even sure what I want to say. Yes/no, faster/slower, more/less, I’m no longer even capable of making decisions as simple as these…

While my mind is gripped with confusion, your probing fingers work their way inside, exploring more with every push and turn. The more stretched and filled I feel, the more excited I become. Desperately needing to release the tension, my hand wanders down to my cock. You gently shoo my hand away, denying me my release, and reaffirming your control over all the sensations that I’m feeling. I can only lay there on my side as you increase the speed and pressure of your manipulations on the front and back of my body. Forcing your fingers ever deeper, as your other hand begins to pump forcefully on my cock.

I feel myself approaching the edge, desperate to have some control over these feelings, but knowing fully well that I’m just a passenger on this trip, and you’re in the driving seat. Closer and closer to the end you force me, the feelings becoming too intense to handle, and then it happens… Wave upon wave of pleasure hits me, as I convulse underneath you, and scream out in joy… As I slowly come down from such a phenomenal high, and strain to open my eyes again, I see your smiling beautiful face staring down at me. Looking into your eyes, much to my astonishment, it looks as if you enjoyed giving me pleasure even more than I enjoyed receiving it. Knowing that I’ve found someone truly special, I gently drift off to sleep… THE END


Okay, well thanks for reading my first attempt at documenting one of my fantasies, I hope you liked it. I should point out that I have quite a range of fantasies encompassing many different genres (so this one isn’t necessarily representative of my tastes), and hope to document more of them soon.

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