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Pandora's Secrets as you all know contains sex stories and erotic stories of people who wish to share their inner most desires with the rest of the world.  The advantage in this sex story site is that not only you can read sexual fantasies in many different categories of men and women but you may contact the writter of those fantasies and maybe even fulfill them and make them a reality.  This erotic literature is intended for an adult audience since it contains sexual and even pornographic descriptions of people's desires. If you are not at least 18 years of age, or if it is in any other way illegal for you to read sex stories, please leave this erotic stories website.  But if you are over 18 and you have come here searching for erotic stories and sexual fantasies, you have come to the right place.  We offer erotic stories of men and women, straight and gay, and even some bisexual sex fantasies.  Each fantasy usually comes with pictures uploaded by the author depicting nude men and women in different lusty poses according to the sexual fantasy posted.  It is also possible to upload videos of sexual fantasies.  We provide our surfers with all of the tools necessary inorder for them to post their erotic stories and through those maybe even fulfill them with a person that has the same sexual fantasy.  Here, unlike other erotic story sites, you can contact the author of those sexual fantasies and maybe even make them a reality.

Another unique element about Pandora's Secrets is that the erotic stories in this site are constantly being updated every single day by our thousands of loyal surfers.  Our surfers write about every sexual fantasy you can think of, from softcore fantasies such as watching another couple having sex infront of you and masterbating to them, to full hardcore sexual fantasies depicting group sex fantasies of orgies and gangbangs of a few men on one sexy and lustful woman.  We also have categories devoted to the world of BDSM and all kinds of fetishes where your darkest erotic stories about the subject can be read by surfers worldwide.  Unlike many other erotic story sites, the sexual fantasies in Pandora's Secrets are divided into women sexual fantasies and men sexual fantasies.  The difference between the erotic stories of both sexes are that many women fantasize about more romance and erotica, sex with their steady partner in varied ways to spice-up their sex life, being with another woman although not a lesbian, and giving oral sex and masterbating in unusual settings.  Men fantasize about threesomes and group sex with many women at once, having sex with a virgin, performing anal sex, and some even fantasize about rape and forced sex acts done to them or done to other.  But make no mistake, both sexes have sexual fantasies about anal sex, hardcore sex scenes such as being gangbanged, being with the same sex, performing different fetishes, and so on.  We see all of this and can compare the numbers on those sexual fantasies simply by seeing how many sexual fantasies have been written in each erotic story category in by each sex.

Erotic stories posted by of our surfers and the ability to share those sexual fantasies and even contact the authors are what makes Pandora's Secrets so unique.  But this site offer even more.  Our shops offer the best in erotica whether you would like to purchase an erotic movie video DVD or read erotic books or even watch erotic movies online, all this can be done right here at our site for your convenience and discretion.  Also, if you are a webmaster or site owner, or maybe even have a blog dealing with erotic stories and sexual fantasies we urge you to join our affiliate program so that you could post our content and have it updated automatically making your site interesting to your sufers who will find new content every time they visit your site.  One of those automated tools is our dynamic as seen here.  All you need to do is go to our affiliates area, copy ad paste the code for this dynamic window, and you will have erotic stories diplayed in your site and updated automatically every time a surfer enters your site or clicks on refresh.

We hope that you enjoy our site Pandora's Secrets and use it to the never know, the next erotic story that you post might be fulfilled!

Welcome to Pandora's Secrets, a unique website for sharing your sexual fantasies and erotic stories with others.  We all have fantasies; it is human nature and perfectly normal -- healthy in fact.  Sexual fantasies play various roles in our lives. They inspire arousal and our desire for sexual intimacy, and can help to sustain it.  They not only trigger orgasms, but can enrich our overall sexual experiences.

Many prefer to keep their erotic fantasies a secret, yet the sharing of sexual fantasies, if communicated with respect and care, can spice up your relationship, bring you closer to and help stay connected with your partner. What's more, playing out a sexual fantasy can be a thrilling experience that leaves us with exciting memories to enjoy over and over again.  At Pandora's Secrets, the first sex fantasy website of its kind, you can share your favorite sexual fantasy with anyone you wish. You can browse through other members' erotic fantasies, exchange comments, make cyber friends, and chat with others, all the while maintaining your privacy and anonymity.

Come and share your most erotic fantasies with us.  You can view here women's sexual fantasies and men's sexual fantasies all for free, all you have to do is free your imagination, unleash your primal urges, and tell us what brings you over the edge.  Or, take a peek at what happens in the erotic playgrounds of other members. We have only one rule -- allow yourself to enjoy the erotic stories and sexual fantasies of others...and who knows, you might make your sexual fantasies a reality one day.

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