About Erotic Fantasies

What are they?

Imaginary visions. Wishful thinking. Everybody fantasizes at some level. A sexual fantasy can be described as a sexually-charged daydream. Daydreams fuel our imaginations, enhance our sexual feelings, inspire us to reach our goals, and enrich our real life experience.
A fantasy can give us new ideas about the areas we want to explore. It allows us to safely look in to the territories we don't usually go to.

Come to Pandoras!

It's All in Your Head

By definition, fantasies live in the mind. So an active imagination can mean you're ready for sex before anything physical has happened. Therefore, desire is heightened and arousal is much quicker. Evidence suggests that those who fantasize the most are in happy, loving, trusting relationships. The fantasy we create can be the best recipe to a great interaction with someone we love or desire.

Enjoy the secret!

Pandora's Secrets is the place to share your fantasies!!

Here at Pandora's Secrets, all legal sexual fantasies: the raunchy, the romantic, the decadent, the weird -- even the ones that can't be classified -- are welcome. We know how freeing it can feel to whisper our secret sexual desires in someone's ear, and we want to hear all about yours. Come share them with us and our members. We won't judge you -- promise.

Pandora's team work to ensure that the use of the built environment reflects the needs & aspirations of a moderated service. Private and secure, our system doesn't allow extreme comments or photos that many wouldn't appreciate, women can feel comfortable in our playground - A place to share their innermost sexual fantasies with other members, women only or both genders. Fantasy meets reality doesn't get more perfect than that!

Understanding Women's and men's desires

men and women are different - click to enlarge Both women and men fantasize about sex, and while there is some overlap in the nature of their fantasies, women's and men's fantasies are by and large different from each other.

Women's sexual fantasies tend to have more of an emotional element to them, and often include their current partners. There is more foreplay, more sensuality, more interaction, and more romance. That's not to say women don't have the raunchy, get-down-and-dirty types of fantasies too. But chances are there is an emotional undercurrent to these sexual fantasies as well. Pornographic images, for example, often arouse women only if their emotions are engaged. The surroundings are often just as key in women's fantasies as is the sexual situation itself; exotic settings, moonlight, the outdoors, etc… are all factors that play a role in women's fantasies. More often than in men's fantasies, being taken by force or playing the passive roles predominate on women's sexual fantasies.

The sexual fantasies of men are often all about the action and less about relationship dynamics. They are mainly visually oriented and have a far more impersonal edge than those of women. Often the other person or persons in their fantasies are nameless strangers; emotions rarely play a key role in men's sexual fantasies. A common fantasy for many men is group sex involving two or more women. Men's fantasies are also more likely to focus on visual features such as sexy clothing; stockings, leather, French maid outfits, high heels, etc.

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(*) Caution about your fantasies

That's not to say you should never try acting out your fantasies. Sometimes playing out a sexual fantasy can be a very exhilarating experience.

Just use your best judgment and be wise -- sometimes the best fantasies are meant to remain just that.

Remember, as in daydreams, you are in full control of your fantasy life.

Why fantasies?

Fantasies are a rich and endless outlet for our imagination, helping us on our quest to explore our sexuality. The stories we build, the scenes that we design, are not always meant to happen. Sometimes we just enjoy teasing ourselves with them, sometimes we just want to daydream about how it feels. Does it feel sexy, does it feel naughty, does it make us feel more excited and aroused?

Benefits of fantasy

In psychosexual therapy, fantasy is often used to block out negative thoughts. Every body does it, but not everybody thinks it's OK, but what can be the harm? Fantasizing about a sexual adventure can be safer than actually having sex with someone we know. If you find during sexual encounters your mind wanders to unhelpful images or thoughts, fantasy can help you to refocus on your sexual pleasure.

Learn how to fantasize

If you don't find sexual fantasy comes easily, you can learn. Erotica can help, you can find a range of recommendations on our site pages, try exploring bookshops for erotic books, read other people's dreams, erotic desires and imaginary bedrooms. There's also a wealth of magazines available to suit any taste, your local video store will stock a range of films, from romantic and slapstick, to thrillers and more explicit 18+ rated movies. It's an invitation to learn about yourself, to enhance the boundaries that your mind has. Find out what turns you on!


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