Age: 35
Country:  United Kingdom
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My short fantasies

blackmailed humiliation

my fantasy involves someone somehow gettin hold more... of some thing to blackmail me with, and makin me wear skimpy outfits in public, stay naked in mine and hers or his when i visit, orgasm denial, thousands of pictures of me so im gettin more and more into trouble, being loaned out, and generaly becoming an unwilling sex slave, hey, maybe itll come true one day, i hope

real life blackmailed sex slave

my fantasy invoves me meetin someone in a bar, endin up goin back to his or hers for the night, and findin out after id been secretly filmed and being told they will be put on the web and sent to my boss, family, mates etc unless i do everythin im tol.I end up spendin the rest of the day posin, being teased constantly almost to orgasm spanked, and end up being regularly made to go on dates with this person, me wearin skimpy lil outfits, lettin his mates play with me now and again too.  Close

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unknown    (2008-12-30 16:14:49)
I would gladly help you make your fantasy come true. Too bad the Atlantic pond is between us...
Rebel    (2008-12-15 01:51:06)
You are very pretty girl and wicked fantasy!
tattooedfreak    (2008-12-13 08:13:44)
tattooedfreak it wont come true till i put your vid on u tube mmmmmmmmmmmmm or did u forget lol yes things do come true be carefull what u wish for x