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My short fantasies

I love to jerk off to hot pictures of famous women. Sometimes I look more... at pics and stare at their lips, feet, legs or any other part of them while I pull my dick.I would fuck almost any famous female, young or old, and I like 2 share celebrity fantasies so feel free to reply to say what u'd like to do to some celebs!

Celebrity Shoes

I would love to meet a hot celebrity woman who wanted me to kiss her expensive designer high-heeled shoes.We would be in a limousine and she would stretch out her long legs and I would get on all fours and gently kiss and caress her shoe and feet while she told me I was a good boy and said things like "you like my shoes, don't u?". Eventually I would pull my cock out of my pants and jerk off onto the famous feet and expensive shoes while she sat back and drank champagne Close

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