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I don't mind exchanging comments, but I'm here because it turns me on to write and share my more... fantasies anonymously, and it turns me on to read other people's fantasies in their own words, unpolished and direct.

It's great to have a place where I can let my fantasies free, work some of this shit out, let myself be turned on by whatever gets my pussy wet, even if it's dirty or unsafe or kind of screwed up. I hope what I share turns other people on, too.
Relationship status: single
Sex Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Caucasian
Build: Full
Height: 5′08″ - 173cm Close

Preferred categories:

Man: Identified partner, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Other men, Force/Rape, The Audience / Voyeur, Virgins/Young women, Masturbation
Woman: Masturbation, Young boys, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, The Audience / Voyeur, Anonymity, Identified partner, Force/Rape, Group Sex / Threesome

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It's been a while!  Been working on this one off and off for quite some time.  Not enough time for masturbating and writing porny fantasies lately.  :)  What if when mom and
Posted: Nov 11, 2014
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I feel weird that I seem to have stopped posting mostly anything but masturbation accounts.  But you seem to like it, and it completely turns me on to write about what I do and share it, and
Posted: Jul 13, 2013
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By: akonjack
I didn’t know I was such a slut or that I was attracted to girls as well as boys until a few years ago, I mean yah there were plenty of times growing up when I would find myself getting a little
Posted: Feb 12, 2012
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By: Corandar
   I knew it would be the perfect relationship about a week after he moved in. Had just gotten out of a long bath, dried off and went to have some fun in my bed. Had my vibrator against
Posted: Dec 06, 2011
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boobman    (2015-03-18 15:21:24)
Wow just been reading your vacation one. It's great!
biscuit    (2010-08-30 12:31:32)
biscuit i wish we could be present to watch each other experience these fantasies in person.
outlawwolf    (2010-02-11 23:53:47)
outlawwolf Your stories are some of my favorites. I really want to see what other nasty stories you have to offer.
TulsA    (2009-08-13 14:16:04)
TulsA your stories are so fucking hot! thanks for sharing!