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the threat of violence is better

in my dream i tied a girls wrists more... and ankles together and put her legs behind her head.  i then switched a camera on and recorded the scene.  i climbed on her and lined my cock up to her pussy.   i wispered demands into her ear and she replied with yes sir, ok sir, is this ok sir, etc.  i demanded she open her pussy as wide as she can, so i can slowly slip into her.  i demanded she appologised and she pleaded with me not to hurt her.  once i was deep in her, i fucked her violently and she started to scream Close

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I’m a 23 year old male with a lot of spare time. When everyone is away on vacation, I dress up carefully in my sisters clothing, making sure everything is perfect and I look beautiful in her
Posted: Sep 15, 2008
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