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Clean her out!!

I'm tied down to the bed.  My girlfriend is more... straddling my face, making me lick her pussy.  She calls out for another man to come and fuck her while I'm licking.  I can feel his balls slapping my face as he pounds her. He cums.  I breathe in the smell of their combined juices before my girlfriend forces her pussy down on my face and orders me to clean the cum out of her juicy pussy. Close

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I stand up slowly and start to remove my shirt. "Be careful," he warns, "we don't want your 'make-up' smudged, now do we" he says, and laughs. "Such a pretty little
Posted: Dec 07, 2008
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I'm chilling out in front of the TV with my best mate, watching the game, beers in hand. Neither of our teams are playing, so the game gets real boring rather quickly, and the topic of discussion
Posted: Sep 05, 2007
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