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I've stolen kisses from a beauty's lips,and chained a damsel more... to my heathen bed.I've had my lustful fantasies fulfilled,and yet I tell you dear I'd give it all.My dreams are empty now that I'm alone,no one to greet me when I reach my home.For love no price can ever be too high,if you would love me, tell me that you're there. Close

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She walked into the spider's parlor,Misguided and beguiled she knew not what awaited.Women had told her of passion and lust,The details had been too taboo to mention.A time and place, but nothing
Posted: Sep 03, 2007
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The crimson rope clung tight to beauty's wrists,Her cries were stifled by a purple gag.Her captor closed and took a stolen kiss,And then withdrew a secret from his bag.She heard the metal clink
Posted: Sep 03, 2007
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