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More info about Nathalie...
I have been a submisive for 5 years. I have had four masters in this time. My fourth master more... and I have been living together since august 2006. The rules we established can be added upon but not restricted. If I accept something on principle, I have no say about it anymore. My master, considering this site as another form of exhibitionism, has ordered that I make a few stories and experiences public. Hope you like them.

Yours, but first and foremost His,
Relationship status: taken
Hometown: Paris
City: Paris
Sex Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Caucasian
Build: Slender
Appearance: Attractive
Height: 5′05″ - 165cm
Hair: Light brown
Eye color: Brown
Education: Graduate Degree
Religion: Atheist
Occupation(s): Network manager

My favorite movies

I just saw PS: I love you, and boy did I cry... Close

Preferred categories:

Woman: Anonymity, The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive

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So I here I was. My master had promised a great adventure. One that would rock me, change me, terrify and thrill me. On his order, I had arranged for a one-week vacation, and did not know
Posted: Sep 04, 2009
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As I stepped out of the elevator, as everyday coming home, I began unbuttoning my jacket. As everyday coming home for a few months now, I was to undress right outside the elevator, and then unlock
Posted: Mar 22, 2009
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By: darkstar
I was so nervous, more nervous than I usually am when I go to a guy's hotel room. I had done a bachelor party for this guy, Bill, and it got a little crazy and he took a picture of me with cum
Posted: Aug 13, 2008
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By: beltboy
I walked into the dark theater wearing a tight white pullover, a short grey skirt, white stockings, and black shoes. There were only a few people there and they were watching a girl pleasure herself
Posted: Feb 12, 2008
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melsawah    (2008-01-09 09:06:42)
melsawah salut
j'ai lu tes histoires et je peux te dire que j'ai apprecié
j'aimerai bien qu'on deviens des amis ?