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Hello, I hope you enjoy reading my darkest fantasies.. I take great pleasure in writing and more... I think that english is such a rich language.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my fantasies and constructive criticism is always welcomed since i'm trying to improve my writing.

I've been active in writing sexual novels in my native language before, but this is my first attempt at english adult literature. Enjoy =)
Relationship status: single
Sex Orientation: Bi-curious
Race: Caucasian
Build: Full
Appearance: Average looking
Height: 5′10″ - 178cm
Hair: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Education: Associate Degree
Religion: Atheist Close

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The crowd of men waste no time and approach the table as a huge mass.Ana is pulled down from the table and instead they lean her over it. A burly looking man sits on his knees behind her, pulling
Posted: Mar 06, 2008
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Since a few years back I've had very arousing fantasies about my younger sister. Her name shall remain unknown, But here I will call her Ana. Also, this is pure fantasy, I would never wish any
Posted: Mar 06, 2008
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