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im 18 years old yeah im young but i love to have a master i need a new one with that in mind more... so if you wanna be it tell me and ill be at you ever last mercey.

I love having sex its so much fun love it with a group or just one

My short fantasies

fuck me

what i want to do is have a group of guys that i live with fuck me all day and all night and they can bring guys/girls home to fuck me. I want to be fucked and not be able to do anything about it. I love having all the attion on me and i also like having a master which i need a new one if anyone is intersted into being for me my last one wasnt doing a good job at it. Close

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Woman: Food Sex, Big Black man, S-M / Domination / submissive, Force/Rape

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I was command to come on here today and tell give all my readers an update.... As of May 19,2008 my pussy belongs to my owner Master Ed and his girlfirend Mistress Kate. I live with them in a one
Posted: Jul 06, 2008
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so last night I was laying in bed and a strong feeling I had was coming on that I wanted to get fucked so much so I pulled out my dildo and started to fuck myself when that wasn’t doing anything for
Posted: Apr 03, 2008
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That evening, my master had had me kneeling at his feet the whole time. Just kneeling by his feet. Sometimes he would bend over and pinch my nipples, or genlt slap my breasts, but nothing more. Not
Posted: May 09, 2008
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JackReacher    (2008-05-26 05:08:29)
JackReacher check out my first fantasy.
dobby    (2008-03-16 08:00:45)
dobby Hot girl and a woman of substance
waleedxxx    (2008-02-29 20:31:51)
waleedxxx happy new year this is very nice
waleedxxx    (2008-02-29 20:31:38)
waleedxxx happy new year this is very nice