Age: 28
Country:  Netherlands, The
Joined: November 24,2007
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My short fantasies

i love the idea of being naked all day with a woman in my life..just more... run around naked in house allday.. the idea of not having locks on any door... being together in one bed..showering together.. going to the toilet together.. just do everything together  Close

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unknown    (2009-06-15 22:33:21)
Hey I would not have anything against haveing you as long as I could share your girlfriend with you...but I must warn you, your girlfriend may not want to have a boy again. What the heck, lets give it a shot, your rod and her tunnel!
unknown    (2009-06-11 19:19:26)
Checking you out stud...kinda like your sound like a nice guy...kinda wonder what it would be like next to a nice guy? ...does everything together include (blush) oral ? lol Nat