Age: 25
Country:  Canada
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Hmm... Im bisexual, pretty outgoing... and actually single for once... thats hard to come by :P more...
Relationship status: single
Sex Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Caucasian
Build: Average
Appearance: Attractive
Height: 5′05″ - 165cm
Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Education: High School

My interests and hobbies

Music, art, reading, and pretty much anything else... I'll try anything once

My favorite movies

Too many movies to mention, but i love watching Friends.

My favorite music

Dream Theater, Tool, Disturbed, Dope, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Static-X, Slipknot, Drowning Pool... (to name a few)

My favorite books

"Incarnations of Immortality," by Piers Anthony, "Rose Madder," by Steven King, and pretty much any other Steven King novel. Close

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Age: 25
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By: jebezzel
Mmm, I didn't know if I was going to make time to write today, but I've been masturbating a bit and watching some porn, and now I'm so turned on that I think I have decided to make the
Posted: May 03, 2009
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By: sam81118
Not sure if anyone else can remember the days when raves were really raves, and not the commercial events that they became before they pretty much disappeared, but I look back at some of those
Posted: Mar 25, 2009
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JackReacher    (2008-05-26 05:08:41)
JackReacher check out my first fantasy.