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Relationship status: single
Sex Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Black/Afro American
Build: Athletic / Toned
Appearance: Average looking
Height: 6′00″ - 185cm
Hair: Black
Eye color: Brown
Education: Associate Degree Close

Preferred categories:

Man: Identified partner, Prostitutes, Masturbation
Woman: Steady Partner, Identified partner, Anonymity, Other women, The Audience / Voyeur, Oral Sex, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Cyber Sex, Young boys, Big Black man, Being Taped, Masturbation

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Age: 30
From: Slovakia

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There was this beautiful girl that I went to school with who I still talk to sometimes. Very much a case of one of these hot girls who you would like to fuck, but through some unfortunate circumstances,
Posted: May 14, 2008
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A weird thing had happened once--a classmate of mine that I was somewhat friendly with and I were talking as we walked to class once when we both heard a metallic crunch. Apparently some idiot in
Posted: Mar 30, 2008
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By: busker
I started going into chatrooms just before they became filled with ads for webcams, when it was still possible to go to one of the free sites and maybe find a decent partner for cybersex. I just needed
Posted: Sep 06, 2007
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