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More info about Chiki_Girly...
All my life I've known I like girls, and no one but a few girls I played around with even suspect. more... No one knows I'm a lesbian. Now I'm at school and living in a dorm with girls everywhere and I think I'm going to die from sexual frustration. I'm not even kidding.

And no, the pic is not me. That's my dreamgirl. She's in charge!

No creepy people...
Relationship status: single
Sex Orientation: Lesbian
Race: Caucasian
Build: Slender
Appearance: Attractive
Height: 5′05″ - 165cm
Hair: Light brown
Eye color: Hazel
Education: Some College
Religion: Spiritual
Occupation(s): Student
Company(ies): None

My interests and hobbies

Veganism, alt rock.

My favorite movies

Charmed, buffy, heroes

My favorite music

Tori Amos, radiohead Close

Preferred categories:

Woman: Identified partner, Other women, The Audience / Voyeur

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Based on a dream I had... Or it still a nightmare even if you wake up wet?  My clit is throbbing as hard than I can ever remember. But this is the last thing on earth I should be doing. She could
Posted: Nov 01, 2007
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More like a story than a fantasy,maybe...  My situation is either the worst or best thing that ever happened to me. My college roommate/friend is a gorgeous (I think), tall girly girl. She's
Posted: Oct 30, 2007
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There is something about serious public situations that I can't resist...Like this morning, while I was in the middle of my "early good morning autoloving" I started to imagine the meeting
Posted: Sep 13, 2007
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By: Breeze
i meet a woman at a party. we are dancing and i notice that she is quite suggestive. To test, I brush my hand discreetly across her breast, then take a 2nd pass tweaking her nipple. I tease her and
Posted: Feb 05, 2007
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EyelinerAndLace    (2007-11-11 23:29:56)
EyelinerAndLace Tori is the greatest <333
fantaddict    (2007-11-02 06:58:07)
fantaddict Cool but reality creeps in eh? Talking about sensitive things will defuse the pressure and you'll feel good too. Get to know God and let Him run your fantasy.. it 's Good.seriously