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Hi, if you are interested, you always can ask.


My short fantasies

Late at more... work, dark night, no speaking, a lonely alley, a stranger, he speaking to me, he reach, he touch... tear panties, I don't even fight. Hard sex, moaning, cursing.. cum all over the place. A smile in my face... i leave. No panties, late at home, good rest.

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Woman: Group Sex / Threesome, Force/Rape, Identified partner, Anonymity, The Audience / Voyeur, The Fetishists, S-M / Domination / submissive, Cyber Sex, Prostitutes, Masturbation

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Another boring day, sitting there, watching the others working, pretending to work… So lame. Mmm, let’s see maybe someone is online.. Oh, there he is, there has been a while since the
Posted: Feb 17, 2008
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I have this friend, I meet him while i was with my boyfriend, so I couldn't never ever have something physical/sexual with him... and, damn! i feel so frustrated about it. He's still my friend, and
Posted: Jan 16, 2008
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