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My short fantasies

Kidnap/ force fantasies

I'd like to kidnap a sweet young thing or more... a really bitchy authoritative one. I want her to fight, beg, scream, curse and plead every step of the way as I bind her and tear off her clothes. At no time do I want her to docilly accept this attack. I want to invade every hole of her body. Then I want to sell her to a gang or a foreign millionaire and watch as they drag her away to sexual slavery.I can imagine doing this to anything from an innocent young girl out past her bedtime (and her hot Mommy who comes to pay the ransom) to a mouthy lady cop who has stopped me for speeding to a bitchy rich lawyer who walks into the wrong bar to a hot prostitute who gets into the wrong car. Even depowered superheroines are game. My fantasies get wild, but don't involve bodily fluids or severe beatings.Let's play! Close

Preferred categories:

Woman: Force/Rape, Identified partner, Anonymity, Other women, Being Taped

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