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i had always wanted to feel how does it like to have anal and straigth more... sex with a woman especially looking at all my female friends. too bad i was always shy and rarely mix with girls cause was brought up in an all boys school

My fantasy is a simple one - perhaps even common. I often find myself daydreaming about coming home to a woman already hogtied in my bed, and waiting to be penetrated, touched, kissed, and licked however I please. In other words, prepared and panting as she awaits my movements.

Dangerous Liaisons

It prettty much explains it in the title.I've always wanted to have that feeling of excitement, wrongfulness of having dangerous liaisons preferably with the same relationship status.Meeting in public, making stories up with your partner of where you are going just to feel this surge of passion of sexual desire.It's that feel of first sight, first kiss, first touch, pretty much first of everything that makes it so exciting and most of all kind of worthy and no regrets.

milf teacher

Ah good Lord, the stories I can tell. But the funniest to me and probably the most embarrassing to the poor man in question was.... I'm blushing just thinking of how tactless I had been. I was dating this really big man, six four and all but the powers that be was not good to him. We got heated up and were getting undressed for some action, when I saw it. My goodness, totally not in proportion to the rest of his body and all I could say was "You want to do what? With what? Needless to say, that was the end of the romance. Close

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Rummaging through the closet to find my red heels, I felt him behind me and I turned to meet his gaze. “Yes Sir, how may I pleasure you.” I said as I worked my foot into the right, then
Posted: Sep 07, 2010
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The multi-billion dollar deal that he was hoping to put to bed seemed as if it were dead in the water, no amount of negotiating moved matters any further than they were last Friday.  His voice
Posted: Aug 30, 2010
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