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My short fantasies

Mastering her

She has wanted me for months. I make her strip. I tie more... string tightly around her nipples, tie her hands behind her back. I stuff her panties into her mouth then slide her vibrator into her pussy. i spank her till she cries. I tell her to suck me until i cum over her face. i put some fresh ginger in her ass, and leaver her for a while, her face still covered in my spunk. When i come back i stand her up and make her say she is my obediant cunt untill i belive her, spanking her if she isn't sincere enough. Then i fuck her till she screams. Close

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By: jjjjjjj07
When I was in college, my best friend begged me to go on a dig with her. She was an archeology major and needed the hours for a class. I hate anything that resembles camping, but she pleaded and
Posted: Aug 02, 2011
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By: sam81118
Not sure if anyone else can remember the days when raves were really raves, and not the commercial events that they became before they pretty much disappeared, but I look back at some of those
Posted: Mar 25, 2009
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