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More info about clockworktiger...
Just hung and horny and looking for a good time

My short fantasies

I wanna kidnap a sweet more... young thing, tie her up with duct tape, take her into a public men's room (one with only one seat and a lock, like at a gas station) and just fuck the hell out of her, tear up her virgin cunt and ass, then get her to suck down all my cum, then just keep going at it til she learns to love it
Relationship status: single
Hometown: Huntungton Beach, California
City: Huntington Beach, California
Sex Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Caucasian
Build: Average
Appearance: Average looking
Height: 6′01″ - 188cm
Hair: Dark brown
Eye color: Blue
Education: Some College
Religion: Other
Occupation(s): Student
School(s): Golden West Close

Preferred categories:

Man: Force/Rape, Virgins/Young women

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I wanna have a hot young guy his big fat cock up my ass and just plow away at it while I suck off another guy (somewhere public like in a mens room). I wanna be on all fours between them while they
Posted: Oct 09, 2007
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By: lemo2w
I went away for a little while and when I got back my little sister had grown up into a little hottie! She has the prettiest shade of blue eyes I have ever seen, stands about 5-7 and probable around
Posted: Oct 15, 2007
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I wanna smell some teenage girls worn out, smelly sneakers. I like skater shoes or converse, nike, etc.She should have worn them very often and barefooted, so the inside is very dirty and you can
Posted: Sep 15, 2007
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