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I am a nerdy little blonde girl - I even know how to write computer programs so Deal with that! more... I came here because I have to tell Someone my secrets inside.

I am sick of being alone but guys are so disgusting that I am just going to tell my thoughts here to whoever wants to see them. Sorry if I am not a good writer or my stories are boring but that is just me! Close

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Woman: Group Sex / Threesome, Other women, The Audience / Voyeur

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I have been busy at work lately because now I write computer programs.  It is a big step up for me. I know I should be professional now and not fantasize about showing my body to men. 
Posted: Dec 03, 2012
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I hurt my leg really bad last week that gave me a new fantasy. I met this guy Serge who felt sorry for me and offered to give me a massage.  I know he only wants to touch my legs but I go along
Posted: Nov 01, 2012
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boobman    (2013-01-21 06:52:31)
Very sexy stories. Slightly unusual, but I like that.
pie106    (2012-09-27 18:49:13)
I like your stories, very sexy, and I think it is awesome that you can write computer code. Keep up the good work.