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My Wife and I find our Mistress

First let me tell you about my wife more... and I. I am Sam a 43 y/o man and my wife (Diane) is 32 also a sub. We are both fit. I am 6'2" and have numerous pericing's now (Nipples, Cock (top and base of balls) and my ass rim) She is 5'11" Blond and Blue (38C, 19(corsett) 36. She is also pierced (Nipples, Pussy 6, Clit, Tounge,and ass rim). We use are piercing points for attachments during play.We met online at Alt.Com back when I thought I was a Dom. That all changed when we got together and we both realized we were Sub. Life after that was a bit troublesome. We both had our fetishes fullfiled outside our marriage, but rarely together. Untill:One night we were at our favorite leather bar looking for our own private hook-ups/ When there she was Ingrid, a 6'4" blonde amazon. We were both tken by her Strength, Beauty and Commanding Nature. She was wearing a leather Corset, Chaps and the tinyest leather thong. We looked at eachother and we both wanted her. With downcast eyes we both glanced at her. She Caught linda's eye and smirked at her. The smirk continued until linda cralwed over to her and asked if she would alow us to offer her a drink. She smile and asked if her master generaly pimped her out. She said she did not have a master, that while married we were both sub's.  Close

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