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More info about RodManly...
Married, but like to fantasize about threesomes with my wife being the center of attention.

Most more... fantasies are about the many different ways my wife and I might have our first threesome and or wife sharing experience. I really enjoy watching her get off with me, or with her masturbating or us fantasizing about her be taken by other men.

My profile picture is my wife's beautiful ass at 54 y/o.
Relationship status: open
Sex Orientation: Heterosexual
Build: Average
Appearance: Attractive
Height: 6′00″ - 185cm
Hair: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown Close

Preferred categories:

Man: Group Sex / Threesome, Identified partner, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Force/Rape, Cuckolded
Woman: Steady Partner, Group Sex / Threesome, Force/Rape, Identified partner, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Big Black man, Prostitutes, Cuckolded

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I can view my new neighbor’s house though the trees in my back yard. The neighbors are a pair of newly weds who recently moved into the house behind me.  I
Posted: Jul 21, 2011
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Yesterday afternoon as we were starting our weekend "afternoon delight", my wife started taking my cock in her mouth for the first time in over ten years.   She lovingly
Posted: Nov 06, 2010
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By: l0pht
The BarHe had left her, again. This time she really didn't care, she didn't feel much towards him anymore anyways, so once the dust had settled she dried her tears and decided a night out
Posted: Jul 18, 2011
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