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In his Seminar "Encore" Jacques Lacan states that jouissance is essentially phallic. That is, more... insofar as jouissance is sexual it is phallic, meaning that it does not relate to the Other as such. Lacan admits, however, that there is a specifically feminine jouissance, a supplementary jouissance, which is beyond the phallus, a jouissance of the Other. This feminine jouissance is ineffable, for both women and men may experience it but know nothing about it.
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   Why am I doing this, she thought, as she watched the elevator count off the floors.  This is crazy.  Only two hours ago she had been one of the few people from her company
Posted: Jul 23, 2009
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By: etabetax
I'm 29, single, and I own a house. Just got it 2 weeks ago, moved in 2 days ago, and really confronted what it would take to make the payments.When I first found out I was responsible for the
Posted: Sep 16, 2007
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