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Writing erotica has been my hobby for a long time. I've just never let more than 1 person read more... them before. Yeah, he's lucky.
Relationship status: taken
Sex Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Caucasian
Build: Petite
Appearance: Attractive
Height: 5′04″ - 163cm
Hair: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Education: Some College Close

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When my phone rang in the wee hours I knew who it was. Only one person ever called so late. The first ring made me jump. I’d been up with insomnia again. He knows I never seem able to sleep,
Posted: Aug 03, 2009
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He made me swear not to tell but I don’t think this counts. We were still talking when he stopped key in hand, at his rental car. He seemed to be debating something I couldn’t guess. Even
Posted: Jun 29, 2009
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By: Math69001
When it came time to fit a new kitchen we ended up having the usual disagreements about which doors we wanted and what oven and all that. Eventually I suggested that if Anne really wanted the
Posted: Feb 24, 2009
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By: jbgoveia
It's been a long time since I've actually had sex with another human being. There's a good reason for it. A single parent raising a child, being the only financial support for a family
Posted: Dec 06, 2007
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