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I'm 55/slim/married man and my wife isn't privy to my fantasies as many involve her mother more... !. I also enjoy fantasies about my wife having sex with other men and boys (all of whom are generally well-endowed) and some involve forced sex (although she is never hurt in any way and she ALWAYS really enjoys the experience). Gay sex also figures prominently in my fantasies involving a wide range of ages, etc. and I'd probably like a homosexual experience in real life, although I never have.

My short fantasies

Picked up by a young lad in a public toilet

I like to fantasise about going to a quiet public toilet and whilst I'm having a pee, a young lad comes and deliberately stands at the urinal next to me. Once there he unbuckles his belt and unbuttons/unzips his jeans and out comes a huge, uncircumcised cock which I find myself staring at !.  The lad is intent on picking up older men and he takes the chance to look at my small, flaccid cock and says ; "Want to hold mine ?".Never having had a gay experience I shake with excitement as I reach over and feel his flaccid meat which feels REALLY heavy and after a few moments he says ; "Let's go back to my house" where he lives with his parents who are away on holiday.Once there we undress and with a tape measure we compare the size of our cocks - his being a good 8½ inches long.  Soon, with his encouragement, I am kneeling at his feet and enthusiastically performing oral sex on him until he cums into my mouth, flooding it with a huge quantity of hot, creamy semen.Afterwards he suggests we go to bed where he teaches me how a well-hung young boy is able to pleasure a under-endowed, grown man.
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My interests and hobbies

I'd like to share emails(stories, photos,etc) with anyone with similar fantasy interests - for a really frank dialogue. If you're interested post a comment on a relevant fantasy or drop me an email directly : Close

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My 54 y.o. wife goes on a training course for her job to another city and in the evening decides to go to local cinema. The cinema is very quiet and dark and after watching the film for a while,
Posted: Jun 18, 2007
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My wife is 54 years old and has a fabulously shapely body for her age. One of my fantasies is where we go on holiday to Sweden with another married couple who are much younger than us and the
Posted: Jun 17, 2007
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