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At Pandora's Secrets, the first erotic fantasy website of its kind, anyone can share their favorite fantasies, with only those that they wish to, and anonymously. Members can browse through other members' fantasies, exchange comments, make cyber friends, and chat with others, all the while maintaining their privacy and anonymity.

Pandora's team consists of a group of sex education and therapy experts, together with veterans from the online dating and social networks, backed up by an outstanding technical team, to deliver the best user interface experience.

Private, secure, and non-judgmental, our playground is free from the walls of the social constraints one often runs into when it comes to the realm of sexual fantasy.

For the most part, online dating services, from the traditional to the more adult nature networks, have been designed by men, and therefore largely cater to men's needs. Pandora's Secrets is unique in that it is designed and operated by women, to fill the gap between traditional and adult spectrums that women are looking for.

How? Pandora's Secrets is a place where the nature of women's erotic fantasies can be presented, explored, and shared. With default browsing of no explicit pornography, Pandora's Secrets is intended to be the place where women can feel comfortable and at ease in relating their sexual fantasies and thoughts, and to meet with men if they wish to.

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